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A Complex, ongoing, dynamic process, in which the participants simultaneously create shared meaning in an interaction.
Diagonal communication
Communication involving individuals at different hierarchical levels.
Downward communication
Communication, generally directive, given from an authority figure or manager to staff.
Communication technique in which one agrees with part of what was said.
Intersender conflict
Difficulty in interpreting the intended meaning of a message to two conflicting messages received from differing sources.
Intrasender conflict
Difficulty in interpreting the intended meaning of a message due to incongruity between verbal and nonverbal communication.
Lateral communication
Communication that occurs between individuals at the same hierarchical level.
Nonverbal messages in communication, including body language and environmental factors.
Negative assertion
Communication technique in which one accepts some blame for what was said.
Negative inquiry
Communication technique used to clarify objections and feelings (e.g. I don’t understand…)
Upward communication
Communication that occurs from staff to management.