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subjective agreement
to agree with what one believes to be so
Objective Agreement
to agree with what is actually so
Legitimate Laws
rules of conduct enacted by a rightful authority to promote and safeguard the common good
The Catholic Church's highest teaching authority, the pope and bishops in union with him
principle of subsidiarity
Keeping in mind the common good, a community with greater authority should not interfere in the internal affairs of a community with lesser authority. Rather, the greater should assist the lesser.
govts ruled by god or by those claiming to rule in Gods name
the reduction, elimination, or rendering harmless of weapons
distributive justice
what society owes its members in proportion to their needs and contributions
a religious group or sect; usually an extremist group that seeks to control members' thoughts and behavior
the ideas, customs, and so on that a group passes along to subsequent generations
god-given human ability to make rational, free, and intentional choices