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What are enzymes?
-proteins involved in metabolic activities that catalyze biochemical reactions without being altered
What is anabolic?
-metabolic reaction that builds cellular macromolecules from nutrients
What is catabolic?
-metabolic reaction that breaks down nutrients for energy or conversion
-ex; fermenters
What is biochemical test media?
-designed to pose a variety of nutritional or metabolic questions to a pure culture of a microorganism under study
-questions are two types: substrate utilization and product accumulation
What is substrate utilization?
-use of organic compounds such as energy sources, electon acceptor, etc.
What is product accumulation?
-the end-products or by-products the microbe produces
-gases, acids, indoles, etc
What are pH indicators?
-dyes that react colorimetrically to show organic acids are being produced
What is general nutitional media?
-used to grow a wide variety of microorganisms
-have a variety of nutriens to support many bacteria
-used for isolating mixed culture microbes, maintaining pure bacterial cultures, and subculturing media
Whst is selective media?
-permit the growth of certain bacteria while preventing the growth of other bacteria using high salt conc. addition of dyes, addition of inhibitory chemicals or antibiotics.
What is differential media?
-allows distinction to be made between two species or groups of microorganisms that closely resemble eachother
-uses visual aids to show an enzymatic pathway
What is the first test run for gram + bacteria?