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* feels death is imminent. Predicts or has fixed idea of some specific time when death will come. * "presentiment of death" - fears: claustrophobia, being in a crowed or crowded room, earthquakes * anxiety states following a strong fright * complaints begin after a fright or sudden, shocking events * shock and fear immediately after injury, exposure to accidents. * urine retention in infants or mothers right after delivery ppp* women during labor, they feel absolutely certain they are about to die * main Rx for early stages of croup - restlessness - sxs come on suddenly - G: agg after exposure to wind, esp. cold, dry wind - one cheek red, the other cheek pale ppp- bitter taste - great thirst Angina or acute myocardial infarction w/ numbness in left arm. Fear Causation
Sudden shock
Sudden inflammation, (pupils closed)
* devotes entire life to animals, and become intensely attached to his pet. Collects pets in great numbers. – severe acutes with vomiting and diarrhea and extreme prostration, esp in newborns 'hippocratic' face (wrinkled, old-looking) eruptions on tip of nose - intolerance to milk
Krishnamuri’s remedy (forcefully estranged from his culture)
Acute stupor, prostration. GI tract
* extreme fear of cancer
* twitching or spasms of almost any muscle group
* back pain which is markedly agg by sitting
- anxiety about health
- excited and ecstatic states
- G: < thunderstorm
- G: agg from coition
- spasms and twitching of the eyelids or face; < before storm
- Hay fever, esp when associated w/ itching in the ears and upper palate
- grimacing
- severe low back pain and sciatica
- awkwardness in arms and legs
- twitching, fasciculations, and tremor of all muscles
Small areas of muscles affected
Night poet
* coldness of the genitals
- great anxiety and despair about health
- despondent and anxious
- presentiment of death impotence agnus castus Broken down from excess stimulation.* coldness of the genitals
- great anxiety and despair about health
- despondent and anxious
- presentiment of death impotence
agnus castus
Broken down from excess stimulation.
* headache during coryza; < in warm rooms, < cold damp > open air
* headache agg on closing eyes
* profuse lacrimation which is usually bland, while nasal discharge is acrid and excoriating. (Nose bland and eyes acrid also possible) Profuse discharges like a faucet. Eg., hay fever
- coryza w/ acrid nasal discharge, may excoriate nose or upper lip
- severe tearing pain in larynx during cough
allium cepa
Limit use to acute allergic reactions
headache, > cold applications
diarrhea, sudden urging for stool, esp morings which drives from bed
- urgent stool at 5 am (sulph)
involuntary stool esp when passing flatus, must concentrate to avoid accidents. hemorrhoids "
* like a bunch of grapes" veneous smooth muscles affected.
- hemorrhoids w/ marked congestion, > cold bathing
- flatus, hot flatus
Bowel inflammation. Veneous smooth muscles weak.
warm agg heat.
cannot be hurried; hurrying causes distress. Yet restless. Nerve transmission slow.
* disorientation and loss of identity: "when he speaks he is unsure if the words were spoken by himself or by another"
* G: agg or avers potatos
* constipation so stubborn that patient is impelled to assist the evacuation with fingers
- mental dullness
- fear of knifes/blood
- < morning on waking
- vertigo, < on closing eyes
- severe constipation, usually without urge to stool
- heaviness of limbs progressing to paralysis
Dry brittle. Nothing flows (time, liquids)
Identity confusion, easily corroded
*asks questions but doesn't wait for the answer before saying something else
* intolerant of company when defecating, and other private body activities
- senility and premature senility
- silly loquacity
- avrs company
- great sensitivity to noise and music, odors
- G: < noise, music
- shy stool
ambra grisea

Body, sensory sensitivity and shyness
- tired, oppressed sensation in the chest.

Blunt resentment towards injustice

Chronic fatigue, cardiac congestion. Palpitation w/ little vital force.
ammonium carbonicum
Cold, obese unwashed, hysterical women needing stimulus for the vital force to react. NH3+C
irresistible desire to curse, swear versus the perfectionist controlling these impulses.
*definite amel from eating
* sensation of a blunt plug stuck in a location in the body
- pathological inferiority and low self
- hardness and cruelty to animals or people
- desire to prove himself
- sensation of a band around a single part of the body
2 wills
* agg from radiant heat, such as stove
* thick, white coating on tongue like fur or 'like snow'
* food craving: pickles, cucumber
- irritable, peevish children who cannot bear to be touched or even looked at
- warm
-blooded and < heat
- avrs to touch
- obesity – indigestion from dietary indiscretion; weak digestion
- cough entering a warm room
- pains in feet
- nails thickened and cracked
- plantar warts, calluses
- impetigo
antimonium crudum
Obese, external coating hard and sensitive, to heat and touch.
* overwhelming sleepiness during cough or bronchitis
* cyanosis
* coarse rattling in the chest or larynx
* cough is wet and rattling but scantily productive
* coughs and bronchitis of elderly patients, esp. in the winter months
- weakened state and end stage disease w/ respiratory compromise and feeble pulse
antimonium tartaricum
Drowning in own secretions
* general and local > cold applications
* swelling around eyes
* angioneurotic edema in allergy crisis (often marked swelling of face, > cold applications)
* glomerulonephritis, nephrotic syndrome, w/ dramatic edema of entire body (anasarca)
* urticaria (w/ burning pains)
* Herpes zoster or Rhus poisoning of face w/ markedly swollen lids which can hardly be forced open
- active, vital and busy patients
- G: marked < from heat; can faint when entering sauna or steam bath
- described as warm.
-blooded, but can be chilly in many cases
- stinging pains
- swelling and edema
- desires exercise and > from it
- general < from suppression of sexual expression as from loss of spouse
- conjunctival swelling (with prolaps)
- flushes of heat
- pharyngitis w/ > cold drinks
- pharyngitis w/ bag
-like swelling of the uvila
- thistless
- cystitis w/ scalding pain during urination
- ovarian cysts esp right side
- severe dysmenorrhea
- awkward (drops things)
Hot swelling from renal insufficiency.
electric shock sensations, esp. in sleep or on going to sleep
- pains and sxs appear suddenly
- Vertigo, often w/ sudden onset
- testicle pain
- inflammation or swelling of cartilage (often gerneralized)
argentum metallicum
Nerve conduction excessive damaging cartilage. Grey colored
* impulses: to jump from a height,...
* fears: heights, bridges, to be late; (claustrophobia)
* G: < eating sweets
* hoarseness
* violent palpitations w/ sensation that the heart will jump out of place
* eructations, frequent and loud enough to earn a "reputation" w/ friends and family
* impotence, < when thinking of problem
*combined: intense craving for salty and sweets
- suggestibility
- sympathetic
- anxiety: health, anticipation/engagement/test, when alone
- > in company
- warm
-blooded/ hot!
- < heat, > cold and cold applications
- periodic, severe weakness
- conjunctival irritation
- splinter
-like pain in throat
- stomach: distention, maybe > by eructations
- desires sweets, salt
- diarrhea from anticipation
argentum nitricum
Hot obese. Nerves explosively imaginative.
* injury w/ extravasations of blood, contusion, sprain,..
* bruised sensation
* concussion
* epitaxis while washing face
* cough from weeping
* acute sprains, bruises, myalgias (after over
* symmetrical eruptions
- long
-lasting consequences of trauma
- extremely useful in post
-operative patients for pain and promote rapid healing
- general < from excertion
- everything feels too hard, even pillow or bed
- putrid, "rotten egg" odors
- blunt trauma or foreign body to the eye or orbit
- dental extractions oe other procedures
- labor remedy
- arthritis
- soreness and bruised feeling in part lain upon
Soft tissue trauma retained
* tremendous anxiety, often w/ great restlessness
* panik attacks, esp after midnight, 12
* anxiety about health
* restlessness, pacing or fidgetiness
* constantly calls doctor and is reassured only w/ difficulty
* fastidious
* desire to remain in control at all times
- careful planning
* anorexia nervosa
* G: < midnight to 2 am
* pain usually burning (yet > from heat)
* right
-sided coryza
* stomach pain > from drinking milk
* food poisoning
* thirsty for small sips frequently
- anxious, proper, tense and worried patients
- despair of recovery
- fear of death, disease (cancer), poverty, robbers, when alone (desires company)
- anxiety: for well.
-being of family members/friends
- selfishness, extreme stinginess, saves everything
- perfectionist, compulsive disorders
- depression to point of suicide, suicidal impulse
- chilly, < cold, des. and amel heat
- periodicity, esp daily or 14
- offensive discharges
- prostration (may alternate w/ restlessness)
- acute: head complaints > cold
- chronic: head pains burning > heat
- swelling around eyes, often below the lower lids
- tongue discolored white
- gastritis, peptic ulcers, gastric malignancy
- w/ extreme burning
- anorexia
- food desire: fat, sour, lemon, alcohol
- diarrhes: often acrid, offensive, watery; < anxiety/cold drinks/ice cream/fruit
- malignancy: testes,...
- herpes
- asthma: > sitting up
- coldness of extremities, Raynaud's syndrome
- insomnia (midnight to 1 am)
- eczema w/ dry skin, burning and itching
arsenicum album
Careful, cautious defense against clandestine poisoning
- tremendous restlessness
- warm
-blooded, may be considered as warm
-blooded ars cases
- hay
-fever, acrid watery discharges
arsenicum iodatum
Deserted by family or guide and must defend in a creative way.
salivation profuse during ichy pricking coryza.
Constant diarrhea of nursing or teething children.
Bamboo-like grass attacked at Mucus Membranes. Allergies
sensation of a bubble or lump in the stomach rising up into the throat; "reverse peristalsis"
- globus hystericus
- abdomen filled w/ gas and greatly distended but no flatus is passed, despite much eructation
- empty or ineffectual eructation
Sudden violence of problems.
Passive, hysterical, nervous reaction.
* tremendous sensitivity, esp. to noise
* general < loud noise
* hyper
-acuity for noise, esp. noises like scratching of nails on chalkboards, or of chewing
- tremendous erethism, nerves on edge
- hysteria; hysterical laughing or crying
- restlessness of fingers; wrings the hands anxiously
- sleep disturbed or prevented by slight noises
- restless wringing of the hands
- alcoholism, craves alcohol vertigo, often accompanied by floating sensation
Perfect over-ambitious child becomes hypersensitive especially hearing. Escapes through imagination. Must control circumstances
* severe depression, suicidal states
* relieved by thought of suicide
* suicidal impulses by jumping from a height
* suicidal from the pains
* amel from music; deep love of music
*> evening
* boring headaches at inner angle of the right eye
- serious, successful, intimidating patients w/ melancholic demeanor
- ailments from grief or disappointed love; after business reversals and humiliation
- outbusts of anger
- spiritual inclination and desire for prayer or meditation
- fears: failure
- mainly syphelitic
- pains < night
- nasal obstruction and severe sinusitis
- bone pain < night
- moaning in sleep; crying out in sleep
Row 6, maintains his position by handling responsibility. A syphilic test of heart and sexual vitality performing tasks beyond his capacity.
Loss of special senses, balance from loss of vital fluids.
Anemia produces circles around eyes.
General hypersensitivity.
Skin sensitive and painful during fever.
Insomnia from slight noises.
Hypersensitive to “touchy feelings”, to light touch
headache amel from hard pressure
Distinguishing symptom: Persistent frequent + ineffectual desire for stool. Passes only small amount
Distinguish from Bry dry hard stool with lack of intestinal lubricating secretion. For dysentery, diarrhea, constipation
Distinguishing symptom of never get done: Pain relief short after stool vs. pain and tenesmus continue after stool
Nux-v vs Merc
Crave spicy stimulants vs crave bread butter sweet.
Confused because he’s unfamiliar w/ the circumstance (F). Forgets why he came into room. Automatic actions. Ppp Cotton mouth but thirstless (Puls,
Cheerful space-out. Dry mouth. Constipation remove w/ finger (Alum)
What's the remedy? To stop the baby from crying, she takes her outdoors or opens the window. The baby loves fatty hamburger but gets diarrhea. The baby drinks whole milk but never water.
Whole milk has fat in it. The baby's mouth is dry, but she is rarely thirsty.
Remedy Name?
As the pains of a high fever increase, the baby gets more chills.
The mom is the same with more rheumatic pains she gets cold
Wet feet and eating fatty food cause all problems.
Name 3 major remedies w/ constantly changing symptoms
a. Nux-m
b. Pulsatilla
c. Ignatia
a. Hysterical to Dull (Magnolianeaes are bewildered and confused. Typhoid miasm Sankaran Plants p. 590.)
b. Never the same two symptoms
c. Contradictory symptoms.
Remedy Name
Any female hormonal disturbance, esp. menses.
Late scanty suppressed mense.
Adolescent menses late.
Little Bow Peep weeps for a lost sheep. From mama's lap, she charms for attention. "Tell me you love me"
Remedy Name: Everything goes wrong when her feet get wet. Yet chill the core and she ameliorates. She's basically a warm remedy raise her body heat and she aggravates
Plethoric and congested. Chill increases with increasing pain yet wants a cool room.
She needs stiff dogma, because her senses, menses and sense of self are easily suppressed.
No two symptoms alike. Soft, clinging and easily weeps. Likes cool crisp weather.
Comparison: Ars and Kali Carb have burning pain RECTUM HEMORROIDS but opposite amel
Contradictory symptoms of amel cold for chilly Kali-c. Ars amel all burning with heat (BB Generality warm amel)
Both are extremely cold but Ars is the more unusual of the two.
Comparison: Bry and Kali-c have opposite modalities stitching pain which is a keynote for both. What are the modalities for Kali-c? (Tyler Drug 469)
Kali-c is pains independent of movement, < lying, < lying on affected side, < heat
Bry is worse movement, better rest, better pressure. > lying on affected side, < heat