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how services differ from goods
intangible product, performance, need, effort
4 I's
1.intangibility- not touched or seen
2.inconsistency-quality of service is differ per situation
3.inseperability-dont seperate the provider from the service itself.
4.inventory-lose inventory or revnue if not used at that moment
service continum
put it on the scale...some things have degree of both tangible and intangible
classifying services(3)
1.production/delivery status of org.
3.govt. sponsorship status
production delivery
delivered by people/equipment
tax status
profit or non-profit
govt. sponsorship status
ex. police or fire dept.
purchase process - evaluation
(3) properties-color,size
2.experience properties-restaurants(only during consumption)
3.credence- professional service that your not qualified to evaluate(surgery)
gap analysis
gap between what consumers expect and what they actually get
5 dimensions of service quality
1.tangible-make slightly tangible
2.reliability-gets what promised everytime?
3.responsivness-willingness to help
4.assurance-inspires trust/confidence in customer
5.empathy-caring, individualized attention provided to customers
internal marketing
focuses on on employees before can be successful with customers
product(service) (3)
1.exclusivity-cannot be patened
2.capacity management-limited capacity so have to have space to supply need
3.service branding-brand name or logo is very important
price (2)
and off-peak pricing
1.affect customers perception of quality
2.capacity management-(off peak-pricing)
inseperability from producer...such as H&R block locations
word of mouth is the most important factor and "overpromising" for unrealistic expectations
idle production capacity
when the service provider is available but there is no demand