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Internal Search (for information)
Occurs once a problem is recognized and relevant information from long-term memory is used to determine if a satisfactory solution is known, what the characteristics of potential solutions are, what are appropriate way to compare solutions, and so forth.
External Search (info)
Occurs when the search process is focused on external information relevant to solving the problem.
Ongoing Search (info)
Done both to acquire information for possible later use and because the process itself is pleasurable.
What type of information do consumers seek?
(1) the appropriate evaluative criteria for the solution of the problem
(2) the existence of various alternative solutions
(3) the performance of each alternative solution on each evaluative criterion.
What are the classification of decision alternatives?
All Potential Alternatives (Brands, Products) {V}
{V} Unawareness Set
Awareness set(Alternatives the consumer is aware of)
{V} {V} {V}
Evoked Set Inert set Inept set
Specific alternative purchased or Alternatives considered but not purchased
Awareness Set
List of brands thought of as a potential solution.
Evoked Set
Those brands or products one will evaluate for the solution of a particular consumer problem.
Consideration Set
Those brands or products one will evaluate for the solution of a particular consumer problem.
Inept Set
Brands that are actively disliked or avoided by the consumer.
Inert Set
Brands of which the consumer is aware but basically indifferent toward.
Why does the size of the evoked set matter to a marketer?
Because the evoked set generally is the one from which consumers make final evaluations and decisions, thus marketers must strive to have consumers recall their brand in response to a recognized problem and consider the brand a worth potential solution.
What type of In-store influences impact alternative evaluation and purchase?
Pleasant environment, pleasant sales personnel, point of purchase displays, availability
Internal Search
Relevant information from long term memory.
External Search
External information relevant to solving the problem.
Behavioral Targeting
Brands of which the consumer is aware but basically indifferent toward.
Why is it important for the marketer to have different sources of information?
Because continual exposure to advertising frequently influences the perceived need for the product, thus giving the marketers more route's of "attack"
Why is it important for the consumer to have different sources of information?
So the consumer will have all the information from varying sources to conduct their purchase.
Why is the internet an important source of information for both consumer and marketer?
-Online information is expected
-Online information boosts offline sales
-Online sources are viewed as valuable
-Online sources reduce salespersons role
Search engine optimization
Involves techniques designed to ensure that a company's Web pages "are accessible to search engines and focused in ways that help improve the chances they will be found."
What are the determinants of external search?
Perception of benefits, that is the cost of the search (time, money, etc) exceed the perceived benefits. New learning curve or experience needed, Age and household cycle, purchases for self.
Perceived Risk
A function of the individual, the product, and the situation.
Maintenance Strategy?
Strategy whereby marketer's goal is to keep loyal, repeat customers coming back. Requires attention to product quality, distribution, and reinforcement of the advertising strategy.
Disrupt Strategy?
Strategy where firms are trying to disrupt the habitual purchase or consumption patterns of consumers who do not even consider their brand.
What long run techniques must marketers perform for the disrupt strategy to be successful?
Long run- A major product improvement accompanied by attention-attracting advertising could shift the target market into a more extensive form of decision making
What short run techniques must marketers perform for the disrupt strategy to be successful?
Short run- Attention-attracting advertising aimed specifically at breaking habitual decision making can be successful; Free samples, coupons, rebates, and tie-in sales are common approaches.
What is the capture strategy?
If a brand's information search is at the point-of-purchase or in readily available media prior to purchase then the brand's objective is to capture a large share of purchases.
Marketers role in capture strategy
Supply information, often on price and availability, in their web site, in local media, and at the point-of-purchase through displays and adequate shelf space.
Intercept Strategy
If the target market engages in limited decision making and the brand is not part of their evoked set, the objective will be to intercept the consumer during the search for information on the brands in the evoked set or during general search for related info.
Preference Strategy
Extended decision making with the brand in the evoked set requires a preference strategy. Marketer's need to structure an information campaign that will result in the brand being preferred by members of the target market, instead of having to decide between brands.
Acceptance Strategy
Similar to the preference strategy, but complicated by the fact that the target market is not seeking information about the brand. Marketer must attract the consumers' attention or otherwise motivate them to learn about the brand.
Internet role in acceptance strategy?
Keyword searches prior to a purchase tend to be generic, opening the door for companies which are not in the evoked set.