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Monopolistic competition
a market situation in which many firms, each having slightly different products, offer unique consumer benefits
who has the highest growing internet usage?
The middle East
Sherman Antitrust Act
This is the oldest act directed towards marketers

*** Do I need the def. I didnt have it highlighted***
a domestic govt's seizure of a foreign company's assest without any compensation
Local content rules
A form of protectionism stipulating that a certain proportion of a product must consist of components supplied by industries in the host country.
Specific rules dictating what is right or wrong, accesptable or unacceptable
the tendency to prefer products or people of one's own culture
trends of sociocultural forces include:
an aging America, more singles, another baby boom in underway, and the increasingly multicultural nature of US society
Four strategies representing incresed levels of involvement in global marketing:
exporting, contractual arrangements, strategic alliances, and direct investment

*domestics strategy does NOT involve involvement in global marketing*
Product decisions
1. a straight extention strategy?
2. a product adaptation strategy?
3. A product invention strategy?

*product differentiation stragtegy is NOT one of these choices*
a company tries to get a toehold in a foreign market by pricing its product lower that they are offered at home.
___ of European consumers distrust American Brands
____ of European and Candian consumers avoid american brands because of our politics