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What is one of the greatest contributions you can make as a good supervisor?
Develop good leaders
What step in supervising serves to identify that work has been performed properly and evaluates the skills and knowledge of personnel who have performed the work?
Inspecting job
During which stage of an overhaul should a supervisor order all consumables required to complete the task?
How often will the supervisor of an engine overhaul conduct and complete a progress report?
What system does the supervisor of an engine overhaul use to document completion of the overhaul?
What component(s) should you chcek PRIOR to engine disassembly for an overhaul?
Face and bore alignment betwwen engine flywheel and flexible coupling
How long may a sea trial period be required to last in order to demonstrate proper operation of an overhauled main diesel engine?
4 to 6 hours
What should you place on all exposed driveshafts, belt pulleys, or similar rotating parts prior to working on marine gear?
Safety guards
Loose, damaged, or leaking oil, fuel or coolant lines can cause _____
The sections of shafting outside the skin of the ship are usually supported with _______
What type of shaft is supported by the line shaft spring bearing?
Shafting inside the ships skin
What alignment function is used to eliminate shafted-excited vibration and noise?
Align bearings that support the shaft
when should a final alignment of propulsion engines to shafting be attempted
When the vessel is in the water
Under what cirmstances can open gear cases be left unattended?
If satisfactory temporary closures have been installed
No inspection plate, connection, fitting, or cover that permits access to the gear casing should be removed without specific authorization by the ____?
engineer officer (EO)
Two terms are used to describe gear type mechanisms are ____?
speed and gear ratios
What function does the piston and spring serve on the oil return pipe assembly?
Regulate the low pressure oil supply
What design feature in the plate face of the driven clutch plates permits the flow of cooling and lubricating oil to pass with equal distribution?
grid patterns
To reduce the propeller revolutions per minute (rpm) and to permit the high engine rpm for operation of engine accessories, what type of assembly should be installed?
trolling valve assembly
Which component of a propulsion transmission maintains the oil in the reduction gear sump at the proper temperature?
Heat exchanger
During the wearing-in period for new gears of bearings, metal flakes and dirt NOT removed may result in a/an ____.
Clogged oil spray nozzle
In the event of a hydraulic system failure of a propulsion transmission, which components is designed to allow the ship to return to port?
Come-home feature
Which is on of the following failures DOES NOT cause low oil pressure in a propulsion transmission?
Stuck regulating piston in the selector valve assembly
Overheating of a propulsion transmission can be attributed to ______
Trolling at too high an engine speed
A satisfactory contact percentage of gear tooth bearing contacting across the axial length of the working surface is ____ percent?
Which is one of the correct repair method for a clutch drum surface that is badly grooved or worn?
Re-machine drum surface as outlined in the manufacturer's technical publication.