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What is the flask whick is used for disstillation called?
Round Botttomed Flask
What is Brine?
Salt Solution
What are the chemicals left behind when evapouraing water called?
We use filteration to________?
Separate an insoluble solid from a liquid
True or false, water that we use today has been used before?
What makes a rock?
Why does water from different places taste different?
Water dissolves the chemicals from a rock as the flow over them and all rocks have different minerals.
Filteration only works if you filter somthing which _________ dissolve?
What is a use for Chromotography?
DNA fingerprinting
Why isn't clean water returned to the river?
The water will get dirty again
How can you turn sea or river water clean?
Pass through 2 grids on big then small,mud and stones will settle in the settlemant tank. The beds of straw and sant will filter the water then chlorine is added to kill ang bacteria
What is air?
A mixture of different gases
You can use ____,____, and ______ __________ for chromotography.
Inks, dyes and food colouring
What is distilation?
It's when you evapourate then condense a liquid
Why do some inks travel further up the filter paper than others?
The ink's more soluble