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Mission is San Buenaventura
Founded March 31 1782 (Easter)
By Father Junipero Serra
It was named after a Saint
The Nick name is the mission by the sea
The Mission had a lot of cattle, sheep, horses, mules & goats.
The crops were wheat, barley, & Corn.
Because of the climate it had a lot of fruit, apples, grapes, bananas, pears, plums, pomegranates, figs, orange, & coconuts.
The chumash indians were converted to chrisitianity.
They lived just outside the mission.
They helped build the mission and worked in the orchard.
The women indians prepared the food and made baskets.
The children helped the women.
They were able to sell the produce and cattle to surrounding areas.
The construction of the mission took a total of 50 years.
They built temporary buildings out of wood & reeds.
They made the mission out of adobe bricks which the indians made.
The mission was built in a quadrangle.
The church was in the southwest corner
The bell tower was opposite of the church on the otherside of the courtyard.
It had 5 bells borrowed from Santa Barbara mission.
(They never returned them)
The cemetary was next to the church.
3 years after completed, had earthquake.
They repaired it, and the aqueduct
Its one of the few missions that still have church services.
The church was always open even during all the different ownerships.
It only closed 4 months for repairs
It was the only mission that had wooden bells that they used during Holy week.
There is now a catholic school next to the mission, and they still have church services.
It is in the middle of a big city.