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As defined by Aaron Beck, Automatic thoughts are:
spontaneously triggered by a specific circumstance and accompanied by an emotional reaction.
According to Fielders Contingency Model of Leadership, a low LPC leader focuses on?
task motivation
What is emotional contagion & when does it occur?
refers to the tendency of babies to cry at the sound of another infants cries. Considered first sign of empathy. First observed as young as 2 days old.
Flashbulb memory is attributable to the activities of the:
limbic system
The Kappa Statistic is used as a measure of reliability when data are?
nominal and ordinal
Tolman's demonstration of latent learning suggests that:
a student might appear to know little about algebra until he takes an algebra test
Bandura's social learning theory predicts that:
Cognitive events act as intervening variables in the acquisition of a new behavior
What test would be most useful for assessing the intelligence of a 9 yr. old child with limited english proficiency
Raven Progressive Matrices
What does the overjustification hypothesis state?
External rewards decrease intrinsic interest
What does Vygotsky propose about cognitive development?
That it is fostered by interpersonal interactions & as a consequence is affected by culture and other social factors
Ex post Facto research is distinguished from true experimental research by?
an inability to manipulate the IV
A 33 yr. old married woman with 1 child receives a dx of schizophrenia, her husband has no family history. Which relative has greatest risk for receiving the same diagnosis
a biological child- with 13% risk factor.
Research investigating the impact of group heterogeneity & task performance has generally found that?
group heterogeneity is preferable on disjunctive tasks, but can be detrimental on some other types of tasks.
To construct a 68% confidence interval for an examinee's obtained test score you would need the examinees score and what else?
If you have 2 IV's & 3 DV's, you would choose a Manova rather than seperate factorial anova's in order to?
control the experiment wise error rate.
What is trus about job enrichment?
It has positive effects (at least for some) on both job satisfaction and job performance
According to Amato and Keith's meta analysis of divorce outcome literature divorce has the strongest negative impact on?
1) Father-child relationship then 2) Conduct (misbehavior, agression, and deliquency)
What did Landrum and Batts believe were the consequences of racial oppression on the mental health of African Americans?
1) Internalized Oppression-can involve acting out against system blaming whites
2) Conceptual Incarceration-
adopting white worldview
3) Split-self syndrome-polarizing oneself into good & bad components. With bad representing one's AF. Amer. identity
4) Reduce one's ability to recognize or/and use internal/external resources
What is the racial/cultural identity development model as stated by Atkinson, Morten and Sue
1) Conformity
2) Dissonance
3) Resistance & Immersion
4) Introspection
5) Integrative Awareness
What are the 4 stages of Cross's Black racial (nigrescence) identity development model?
What is Emic vs. Etic Orientation?
Emic-refers to culture specific theories, concepts, and research strategies. An attempt is made to see things through eyes of the members of that culture.
Etic-Refers to phenomena that reflect a universal orientation. I.E. viewing people from different cultures as essentially the same.
What was Howard et al. phase model of therapy?
Remoralization-clients feelings of hopelessness respond quickly in 1st few sessions
Remediation- focus on symptom reduction, usually in 16 sessions
Rehabilitation-unlearning troublesome, maladaptive, habitual behaviors, establishing new ways. # of sessions depends on type and severity of problem.
Kaufman assessment battery for children, was based on which model of intelligence
Luria's neuropsychological model.
What is Helm's white racial identity development model? (6 stages)
1. Contact
2. Disintegration
3. Re-integration
4. Pseudo-independence
5. Immersion-Emersion
6. Autonomy
What are the 4 stages of Troidens Homosexual Identity Development Model?
1.Sensitization: Feeling different
2. Self Recognition: Identity confusion
3. Identity Assumption
4. Committment: Identity integration-publicly disclose
What does the mixed standard scale measure?
3 critical incidents representing good, average & poor performance for several dimensions of job performance are identified.
What does Lewin's Field Theory predict?
that human behavior is a function of both the person and his/her environment
What does Zajonc argue influences children's intellectual growth the most?
Birth Order, with first borns doing slightly better.
Problems involving sensation in the inner forearm & ring and little finger are most likely due to spinal injury in the __________ Level?
Wolfgang Kohler's research on animal learning and animal cognition led to his conclusion that learning is?
Insightful (animals seem to experience an "aha" experience while solving problems.)
Patients with moderate to severe brain injury are likely to obtain the lowest scores on which WAIS-III Indices?
Processing speed
PKU can only be inherited by whom?
Individuals who are homozygous for the condition. (Carry 2 recessive genes)
In the area of psychometrics "banding" has been proposed as a method for?
a method for meeting the requirements of affirmative action and remedying adverse impact
What 4 levels of rigor in the evaluation of training programs did Kirkpatrick offer?
1) Results criteria-Highest level
2) Reaction criteria-lowest level
3) Learning Criteria- 2nd level
4) Behavioral criteria-2nd highest.
What model is most useful for explaining the "serial position effect"?
Multi-store Model-3 distinct memory systems=sensory register, short term memory, and long term memory.
What has the length of post-traumatic (anterograde) amnesia been correlated with?
The severity and long lasting consequences of brain injury
Research on infantile amnesia has shown what?
memories for events that occurred prior to age 3 or 4 are limited but not completely absent. In addition, recall of early memories varies across the lifespan.
When is decentralization preferable to centralization in an organization?
Because decentralized organizations are more flexible, they are more effective than centralized orgs for adapting to change and meeting the need to make frequent and quick decisions.
(Operating in a highly competitive and constantly changing environment)
What problems come up when using "comparable worth"
job evaluation techniques used to establish it may be gendered biased.
What type of seizure begins in and are often restricted to the temporal lobe and involve impaired consciousness, & automatisms such as lip smacking, chewing, fidgeting, and walking in circles?
Complex partial seizures, also known as temporal lobe epilepsy.
Partial-limited part of brain
Complex-impair consciousness