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Polio virus
Proteolysis of eIF4 - inhibits eukaryotic translation, allows its own mRNA to be translated
Diphtheria toxin
Inhibits the translocation step during eukaryotic translation elongation; Causes ADP ribosylation of EF2-translocase
How much diphtheria toxin is needed to be effective?
Only 1 molecule can modify all EF2 proteins, which are ATP dependent for translocation.
EF2 is the eukaryotic analog of:
Prokaryotic EF-G
What modification does Diphtheria toxin cause in the EF-2 molecule?
ADP-ribosylation of a His residue causes it to become a Diphthamide residue.
Streptomycin is what type of antibiotic
Action of aminoglycosides:
-inhibit translation initiation
-misreading of mRNA
Action of tetracycline:
Binds 30S subunit; inhibits binding of aminoacyl-tRNAs.
Chloramphenicol mechanism:
-50S ribosome subunit
-Inhibits peptidyl transferase
Action of Erythromycin:
-50S subunit
-Inhibits translocation
-Premature chain termination -Analog of aminoacyl-tRNA
-Inhibits both Prok+Euk
What organisms are affected by puromycin?
Both euks and proks
Action of Cyclohexamide:
-60S ribosome (euks)
-Inhibits peptidyl transferase activity
What causes erythromycin resistence in Staph?
Plasmid born methylase causes mutation that blocks binding of the drug.
decrease in hydroxyproline synthesis; lack of enzyme activity necessary for collagen stability
Type IV Ehlers Danlos
lysyl hydroxylase deficiency
anticancer drug that binds major groove - intercalates to inhibit transcription:
Actinomycin D
introduces bent dna by inducing intrastrand cross bridges; inhibits cell growth.
hered. persistence of fetal hb -> normally shut off by naturally occuring dna triple helix shuts off gene; mutation destabilizes triple helix and causes it to stay on; assoc. w/ Sickle cell disease
novobiocin and ciprofloxacin
inhibit bacterial topoisomerase ii
cipro --> anthrax (b. anthracis)
doxorubicin and etoposide
inhibit eukaryotic topo II - treat cancer
mushroom toxin that inhibits RNAP in eukaryotes
Which RNAP does a-amanitin inhibit most strongly?
What drugs inhibit transcription?
alpha amanitin
mechanism of rifampin:
binds B subunit of bacterial RNAP; prevents transcription - used to treat Mycobact. TB
mechanism of actinomycin D (dactinomycin)
intercalates minor groove between two GC base pairs
mechanism of daunorubicin
mechanism of cordycepin
lacks 3'OH; terminates elongation