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Five founders of kappa deuteron
Edwin Leroy Antony (Milam County, TX),
Robert Lee Berner (Monticello, GA),
Emmett Cody (Cussetta, Ga),
Charles H. Harman (Forsyth, Ga),
William Wynne (Washington, Ga)
What was the 78-79 year treasurer?
Greg Sowell
Who is the only brother that is a pornstar?
Paul Putney
Who is the only asia kappa deuteron brother?
Rocky Singh
Who were the four pro fiji golfers?
Hale Irwin, Jack Nicolus, Payne Stewart, Jerry Pate
Which of the 12 played baseball?
Which of the 12 did not get initiated?
What is the mascot?
a snowy owl named gamma
What are the five values Googe wrote about?
Excellence, Friendship, Morality, Knowledge, Service
Name some famous fiji's
Calvin Coolidge, Johnny Carson, Skip Kerry, Dean Smith
Who are the four theta founders?
Bettie Locke, Alice Allen, Betty Tipton, Hannah Finch
Who are the immortal six?
John Templeton McCarty,
Samuel Beatty Wilson,
James Elliott Jr,
Ellis Bailey Gregg,
Daniel Webster Crofts,
Naaman Fletcher
what is the old flower?
purple heliotrope