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What is Curriculum-based Measurement (CBM)?
Assessment based on current school curriculum
What is Performance-Based Assessment (PBA)?
Assessment based on physical activity
What are 2 multiple aptitude test batteries?
Differential Aptitude test (DAT;
General Aptitude test battery (GATB)
What is DAT for?
Educational and career counseling
What ages does DAT target?
Grades 7 through 12
What is GATB for?
vocational counseling and job placement referral
What population is GATB for?
High school seniors;
it's highly speeded so not for slow people
Logical content method tests are based on?
reason and deductive logic
What are examples of Logical Content Method tests?
Edwards Personal Preference Schedule;
Persy Research Form
Theoretical method tests are based on?
Specific persy theory
What are examples of theoretical method tests?
Myers-Brigg Type Indicator
Empirical criterion keying tests are based on?
Criterion groups
What are examples of empirical criterion keying tests?
California Psychological Inventory;
Millon Clinical Multiaxial Inventory
Factor analysis is based on?
underlying factors
What are examples of factor analysis tests?
Cattell's 16 Persy Factor Questionnaire;
What does L (Lie) scale measure?
High score - present self v. favorably; lack of insight;
Low score - overly frank, negative, independent;
What does F (Freqy) scale measure?
High score - malingering, eccentricity, random responding, all true, all false;
Low score - social conformity, absence of p-pathy;
What does K (Correction) scale measure?
High score - fake good, defensiveness;
Low score - fake bad; excessive frankness;
Suppressor variable - defensiveness, educ level, SES
What does Cannot say (?) scale measure?
High Score - reading difficulties, indecisiveness, distractibility, rebelliousness, defensiveness
What were changes in MMPI-2?
1) replaced sexist and outdated items
2) addn of new scales
3) new norms
What population is MMPI-2 for?
18 and older;
6th grade reading
What are indicators of random responding on MMPI?
v. elevated F;
high scores on most/all clin. scales
What are indicators of "true" to all items on MMPI?
L and K below 50;
F and clinical scores (rt side, scales 6 to 9) very elevated
What are indicators of "false" to all items on MMPI?
Scores on all validity scales elevated;
Scores on left side of profile (scales 1 to 5) elevated
What are indicators of malingering on MMPI?
L and K = 50;
F score slightly elevated;
What is Edwards Personal Preference Schedule (EPPS) based on?
Murray's persy theory; scores correspond to his needs
What are 2 characteristics of EPPS?
forced-choice format;
What is NEO-PI based on?
Big 5 persy traits
What is Jenkins Activity Survey (JAS) supposed to measure?
Type A persy
What is purpose of Halstead-Reitan Neuropsyc Battery (H-R)?
Diff'ate b/w normals and brain damaged.
What kind of index does Halstead-Reitan use?
Impairment index
What is benefit of Luria-Nebraska Neuropsyc Battery (LNNB) over H-R?
More complete coverage of neurological deficits and precise identification of brain damage;
takes less time
What does Bender measure?
Brain damage;
estimate of intelligence;
What does Benton measure?
brain damage in indivs 8 and above
What is microcog?
A screening device for adults with mild to mod cog impairmts
What is Illinois Test of Psycholinguistic Abilities (ITPA) used for?
Learning disabilities in mild and mod disabled children
What age group does ITPA measure?
2 to 10
What is ITPA based on?
Input, processing, output
What is prob with ITPA?
culturally loaded, only middle class
What does WRAT3 measure?
Screening for grade functioning;
learning disabilities
What age group does WRAT3 test?
5 through 75
What is profile for ADHD on WISC or WAIS?
What test do autistic kids do well on?
Embedded figures tests
What approaches were used to dvp Strong Interest Inventory?
Logical Content Method - for Occupational Theme and Basic Interest scales;
Criterion Keying Strategy - for Occupational Scales (compared to general reference group)
What population was Strong designed for?
HS juniors and seniors;
college students;
What kind of inventory is the Kuder Preference Record-Vocational (KPR-V)?
Homogeneously keyed inventory
What format does Kuder Pref Record - Vocational use?
Forced-choice format
What kind of scores do Kuder Pref Record - Voc use?
ipsative scores
What does KPR-V measure?
10 broad vocational areas
What method was used to dvp the Kuder Occupational Interest Survey (KOIS)?
empirical criterion keying
What population is KOIS for?
HS juniors and seniors, college students, adults
What distings KOIS from Strong tests?
KOIS doesn't include general reference group
What is Career Assessment Inventory (CAI)?
Modeled after Strong tests for ppl seeking careers
What population is CAI good for?
no 4 yr college degree or other advanced professional training
What does Self-Directed Search (SDS) measure?
Holland's 6 occupational themes
What is Fechner's Law?
Logarithmic relnship b/w magnitude of phys. stimulus and changes in internal sensations
What is Stevens Law?
Stevens's power law - Exponential relnship b/w magnitude of phys. stimuli and internal sensations
What is an assumption of Fechner's law?
JND's can be treated as psychologically equal intervals.
What procedures did Fechner use?
Absolute threshold and difference threshold (JND)
What procedure did Stevens use?
Magnitude estimation
What is the most coservative post-hoc test?
If conducting pairwise comparisons, what is the appropriate post-hoc test?
What is the nonparametric alternative to t-test for independent samples?
Mann-Whitney U
What is the nonparametric alternative to t-test for correlated samples?
Wilcoxon Matched Pairs
What is the nonparametric alternative to one-way ANOVA?
What is Phi used for?
True dichotomy/True dichotomy
What is Tetrachoric used for?
Artificial dichotomy/Artificial dichotomy
What is Contingency used for?
What is Point Biserial used for?
True dichotomy/Interval or ratio
What is Biserial used for?
Artificial dichotomy/Interval or ratio
What is Eta used for?
For nonlinear relationships;

Interval or ratio/Interval or ratio