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(ADJ) eccentricity (n)

Because he was rich and powerful, his ECCENTRIC behavior was ignored.

-strange, peculiar, unconventional (off-center) (negative)

EX: eccentric charater --> don quixote
(N) idiosyncratic (adj)

HIs many IDIOSYNCRASIES caused him to be labeled as eccentric

-a personal peculiarity or eccentricity --> strange behavior. (idiosyncrasy is TRAIT; eccentric is BEHAVIOR)

ex: michael jordan's idyosyncrasy is sticking his tongue out
(ADJ) ludicriously (adv)

Some movie plots are so LUDICROUS that they are completely unbelievable

- ridiculous, absurd, LAUGHABLE

ex: riding w/ a funny hat--> it's funny
(ADJ) frivolously (adj), frivolity (n)

Children often engage in FRIVOLOUS behavior.

silly, trivial, lacking seriousness; of little value or importance (not serious)

ex: usually spending money unecessarily, trivial game --> don't need the info.
(N) driveler (n), driveling (v)

The conversation between the teenagers consisted of nothing but DRIVEL

- silly or foolish talk (similar to frivolous, but deals w/ speech)

EX: like the show south park, breaking up w/ bfs/gfs
(ADJ) glibbly

The politician's GLIB comments on the issue did not inspire confidence

- too ready, too fluent, too smooth to be sincere or carefully considered (implies shallowness or insinerity) (goes w/ contrive)

EX: waiters saying the daily menu, speech about denying something being too prepared
(ADJ) pompously (adj) pomposity (n)

Because of his title and position, he had a tendency to behave POMPOUSLY.

- showy, pretentious, over difnified; actiing self-important

EX: football player
(N) lethargic (adj) lethargically (adv)

His LETHARGY was the result of a long illness

- laziness, lack of energy, sluggishness, indifference (effect; due to something)

EX: like dogs after a surgery
(V) encroachment (n)

The gang ENCROACHED upon its rival's territory

-to trespass, intrude, or take undue liberties with (usually followed by on or upon)

EX: parents encroach our privacy
(N) interlope (n) interloping (adj)

We were enraged by the INTERLOPERS's bold advances

-a meddler or one who intrudes upon the rights or affairs of others (interchangable on the test; if it's a noun, interloper
(N) indignious (adj) indignation

Hazing rituals often consist of a variety of INDIGNITIES

-an insult or outrage, or something that offends, humiliates or injures one's dignity or self respect

EX: losing dignity, sorta being insulted,

His FOOLHARDY attempt to break the record resulted in his untimely death

-rash, foolishily bold, or RECKLESSLY DARING

EX: wanting to go over niagra falls on a barrell