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What are Five Application development approaches?
1. Waterfall Model
2. Prototyping Approach
3. Incremental Approach
4. Spiral Method
5. Rapid Application Development
List pros for Waterfall model
+ supports less experienced teams
+ orderly sequence
+ progress measurable
List cons of Waterfall model
- inflexible, costly, slow
- requires early identification of problems
- excessive documentation
- problems not discovered until system testing
List pros for Prototyping approach
+ useful for resolving unclear objectives
+ encourages flexibility
+ provides quick documentation
+ testing continually
List cons of prototyping approach
- less control and approval process
- possibility of inadequate problem analysis
- iterations may increase budget and schedule
List pros of Incremental approach
+ potential to exploit knowledge gained in earlier increments
+ provides evidence of project status frequently
+ delivers a series of implementation increasing in complexity
List cons of Incremental approach
- may lack overall consideration of bus. problem
- requires well defined interfaces between modules
- solves easy problems first, pushing back harder ones
What is the framework for Prototyping?
What is the framework for waterfall?
What is the framework for Incremental approach?
iterative, incremental
What is the framework for Spiral approach?
combination of linear and iterative
List pros of Spiral approach
+ enhances risk avoidance
+ can incorporate waterfall, prototyping, and incremental approaches
List of cons of Spiral approach
+ complex management
+ highly customized to each project so limited reusability
What are the four phases of Spiral approach?
Determine objectives
Evaluate alternatives & Risks
Develop and verify
Plan next phases
Draw each of the five development approaches
What are the three main phases of Rapid Application development?
Redesign, Reevaluate, Respecify
What is the framework of Rapid Application development?
What are the pros of Rapid App development?
+ quick deliverables
+ frequent evaluation and adjustment
+ documentation built from in-code comments
List cons of Rapid App development
+ little documentation
+ possibility of inadequate problem analysis
List six principles of application development
1. Adapt the process
2. Balance the competing stakeholders' priorities
3. Collaborate across teams
4. Demonstrate value iteratively
5. Elevate level of abstraction
6. Focus continuously on quality
Explain how to decide which app developmental approach to select?
consider project size, software complexity, # of stakeholders, time pressures, business constraints, affordability of tools