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anything that carries an electronic signal and interfaces between a sending device and a receiving device
telecommunications medium
long-distance telephone companies
common carriers
a communications line that uses switching equipment to allow one transmission device to be connected to other transmission devices
switched line
a communications line that uses existing phone wires going tinto today's homes and businesses to provide transmission speeds exceeding 500kbps at a cost of $20 or more per month
digital subscriber line (DSL)
computer network
the communications media, devices, and software needed to connect two or more computer systems and/or devices
processing alternative in which all processing occurs in a single location or facility
centralized processing
processing alternative in which processing devices are placed at various locations
decentralized processing
processing alternative in which computers are placed at remote locations but are connected to each other via telecommunications devices
distributed processing
an architecture in which the application and database reside on one host computer, and the user interacts with the application and data using a "dumb" terminal
an architecture in which the application and database reside on one host computer
file server
an architecture in which multiple computer platforms are dedicated to special functions such as database management, printing, communications, and program execution
a network that connect computer systems and devices within the same geographic area
local area network
a network that ties together large geographic regions using microwave and satellite transmission or telephone lines
wide area network
wide area network
a network that links systems between countries
international network
software that provides a number of important functions in a network
communications software
systems software that controls the compute rsystems and devices on a network and allows them to communicate with each other
Network operating system
network operating system
software that enables a manager to monitor the use of individual computers and shared hardware (printers), scan for viruses, and ensure compliance with software licenses
network management software
rules and standards that ensure communications among computers of different types and from different manufacturers
communications protocols
the gap between those who can effectively use new information and communication tools, such as the internet, and those who cannot
digital divide
a project started by the US Department of Defense in 1969 as both an experiment in reliable networking and a link among DOD and military research contractors
a communication standard that enables traffic to be routed from one network to another as needed
Internet protocol
internet protocol
a protocol that includes rules that computers on a network use to establish and break connections
transport control protocol
one of the internet's high-speed, long-distance communications links
an assigned address on the internet for each computer
uniform resource locator
uniform resource locator
a communications protocol that transmits packets over telephone lines
Serial line internet protocol
serial line internet protocol
point-to-point protocol
a communications protocol that transmits packets over telephone lines, allows ahring of lines by multiple users, preferred
point-to-point protocol
any company that provides individuals or organizations with access to the Internet
Internet service provider
internet service provider
a terminal emulation protocol that enables users to log on to other computers on the Internet to gain access to public files
a protocol that allows files to be copied between a host and a remote computer
File transfer protocol
file transfer protocol
technology that enables network managers to route phone calls and fax transmissions over the same network they use for data
an intercompany application-to-application communication of data in standard format, permitting the recipient to perfro mthe functions of a standard business transaction
electronic data interchange
systems that give personal computer users access to vast databases and other services, usually for an initial fee plus usage fees
public network services
the use of telecommunications to extend the classroom
distance learning
an internet service comprising tens of thousand of independently owned computers that work together as one
world wide web
a cover page for a web site that has titles, graphics and text
home page
tools that connect the data on web pages, allowing users to access topics in whatever order they wish
the standard page description language for Web pages
hypertext markup language
hypertext markup language
codes that let the Web browser know how to format text-as a heading, as a list, or as body text- and whether images, sound and other elements should be inserted
HTML tags
software that creates a unique, hypermedia-based menu on your computer screen that provides a graphical interface to the web
web browser
markup language for web documents containing structured information, including words, pictures, and other elements
Extensible markup language
Extensible markup language
a web search tool
search engine
an object-oriented programming language based on C++++ that allows small programs (applets) to be embedded within an HTML document
automatic transmission of info over the internet rather than making users search for it with their browsers
push technology
an internal corporate network built using Internet and world wide web standards and products; used by the employees of the organization to access corporate information
a network that links selected resources of the intranet of a company with its customers, suppliers, or other business partners; based on Web technologies
a network that transfers information by encapsulating traffic in IP packets and sending teh packets over the Internet
Virtual private network
Virtual private network
the process by which VPN's encapsulate traffic in IP packets over the internet
a device that sits between your internal network and the outside internet and limits access into and out of your network based on your organization's access policy
a text file that an internet company can place on the hard disk of a computer system to track the web movements of its users
the process of converting a message into a secret code and changing the encoded message back to regular text
the conversion of a message into a secret code
an encryption technique used to verify the identity of a message sender for the processing of online financial transactions
digital signature
______________ is creating profound changes in business because it lessens the barriers of time and distance.
The elements of a ______ ______start with a ____ _____that originates the message
telecommunications system; sending unit
The sending unit transmits a signal to a ______ __________
telecommunications device
The telecommunications device performs a number of functions, which can include converting the _____ into a different form or from one type to another
The telecommunications device then sends the signal through a medium, which carries the electronic signal and interfaces between a ____ _____and a ______ _____
sending device; receiving device
The signal is received by another _____ ______that is connected to the receiving computer
telecommunications device
_______can be used to share hardware, programs, and databases across the organization.
Networks can transmit and receive information to improve organizational _________ _________
effectiveness and efficiency
They enable geographically separated __________ to share documents and opinions, which fosters teamwork, innovative ideas, and new business strategies
The _______is the world’s largest computer network— actually a collection of interconnected networks, all freely exchanging information
The ______ is like many other technologies— it provides a wide range of services, some of which are effective and practical for use today; others are still evolving, and still others will fade away from lack of use
The Internet transmits data from one computer (called a _______) to another
The set of conventions used to pass packets from one host to another is known as the
Internet protocol (IP).
______ ____ _____includes rules for computers to establish and break connections
Transport control protocol (TCP)
Each computer on the Internet has an _____ _____ to distinguish it from other hosts
assigned address
An ____ ____ ____is any company that provides individuals or organizations with access to the Internet
Internet service provider
To use this type of connection, you must have an account with the service provider and software that allows a direct link via the ____ ______
TCP/IP protocols
______ ______include e-mail and instant messaging; Telnet and FTP; chat rooms; Internet phone and videoconferencing services; content streaming; shopping on the Web; Web auctions; music, radio, and video services; electronic data interchange; public network and specialized services; and distance learning.
Internet services
Originally developed as a document- management system, the World Wide Web is a ____ ____ ____ that is easy to use for personal and business applications
menu-based system
_____ ____is a collection of tens of thousands of independently owned computers that work together as one in an Internet service
The Web
____ _____ _____ ___connect these computers, and cross-indexing software is employed to enable users to jump from one Web computer to another effortlessly.
High-speed Internet circuits
Because of its ability to handle ______ objects and ______ ______between distributed objects, the Web is emerging as the most popular means of information access on the Internet today
multimedia; hypertext links
AWeb site is like a magazine, with a cover page called a home page that has _____ _____ ____
graphics, titles, and text
Hypertext links are maintained using _____, a standard way of coding the locations of the HTML (hypertext markup language) documents.
URLs (uniform resource locators
___ ____are loosely analogous to chapters in a book
Web pages
In Web transmissions, the client communicates with the server according to a set of rules called ____ ____ ____, which retrieves the document and presents it to the users
HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol),
_____is the standard page description language for Web pages
A Web browser reads HTML and creates a unique, hypermedia-based menu on the user’s computer screen that provides a____ _____ to the Web
graphical interface
A number of products make developing and maintaining ____ _____easier, including Web services. Microsoft, for example, has introduced a Web development platform called NET that allows different programming languages to be used and executed
Web content
It also includes a rich library of programming code to help build_____ ____
XML Web applications
Once a Web site has been constructed, ___ ___ ____ can keep the Web site running smoothly.
a content management system (CMS)
By linking buyers and sellers _______ on the Web, businesses are able to establish new and ongoing relationships with customers, allowing them access to information and products whenever it suits them
Businesses can use the Web as a tool for ____ ____ _____
marketing, sales, and customer support
An _______ is an internal corporate network built using Internet and World Wide Web standards and products
It is used by the employees of the organization to gain access to corporate information
An ______is a network that links selected resources of a company’s intranet with its customers, suppliers, or other business partners. It is built based on Web technologies
Authentication, privacy, and performance are critical on an
Web site ____ _____ and_____ are control and management issues that affect all networks
bottlenecks, privacy and security, and flrewalls
file transfer process
content management system