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Who has posed the most recent threat to the united states due to their use of mines?
Iran and Iraq
What two ships were damaged by mines in 1991
USS Tripoli and the USS Princeton
When was the tripoli and the princeton hit by mines
Feb 18, 1991
What are the three classifications of mines
-Bottom mines
-moored mines
-movine mines
bottom mines
lie on the ocean floor and are set off by influence from a target
moored mines
at a predetermined depth by attachment from a chain or cable to a sinker
moving mines
drifting, creeping, rising, buoyant, and homing mines
what are the oldest and most well known mines
contact mines
how are target influence mines activated
when targets pass in close proximity the mine detonates
what are the three main actuating systems of target influence mines
-magnetic mechanisms
-acoustic mechanisms
-pressure mechanisms
magnetic mechanisms
detect small electrical pulses that are amplified by the firing mechanisms programmed circuitry
acoustic mechanisms
use a hydrophone, which converts underwater sounds from ships into electrical signals that can be detected and analyzed
Pressure Mechanisms
use pressure detectors in concurrence with pressure firing mechanisms to establish the validity and position of hostile ships
What are the four objectives in mine countermeasures
-exploratory objective
-breakthrough objective
-attrition objective
-clearance objective
exploratory objective
to discover if mines are present, and if so, determine their disposition, type, and status
breakthrough objective
to open channels, allowing allied shipping safe access to enter and exit ports
attrition objective
to keep the threat level as low as possible while mine sweeping and mine hunting when traffic must continue
Clearance objective
to remove all mines from a designated area
Offensive MCM
actions taken to reduce or destroy the abliity of the enemy to mine waters, which could pose a threat to friendly forces
Defensive MCM
when an enemy minefield is determined to exist and may threaten friendly operations
Active MCM
mine hunting and mine sweeping
mine hunting
where a ship sets a square grid pettern over a suspected mine field and transits back and forth alone prescribed transit lanes or courses until a mine is located or the search is complete
Mine sweeping
the act of removing mines by streaming either a mechanical or influence sweep aster of a vessel or helicopter
Passive MCM
any modification to a ship or equipment to reduce the threat of detonating a mine
Mk 56 ASW
-Aircraft laid moored mine
-moderate depth water
What is the oldest mine in the US inventory
Mk 56 ASW
-Aircraft/Submarine laid Moored mine
-deep water
What is the primary anti-sub weapon
How does the Mk 60 work
when it detects an enemy sub it releases the Mk 46 torpedo
Mk 62-65 Quickstrike
-Aircraft laid bottom mine
-varioius actuating systems
-moderate depth
what type of actuating systems is in the 500lb Mk 62 series
what type of actuating system does the 1000lb Mk 62 series have
What type of actuating system does the 2000lb Mk 62 series have
Mk 67 SLMM
-sub laid bottom mine
-moderate depth
MCM-1 Avenger Class
the largest MCM ship; intended to locate and destroy mines that cannot be countered by conventional techniques
MHC-51 Osprey Class
Intended for harbor clearance, port breakout, and deep water coastal mine countermeasures; 15 day endurance
what is the hull of the Osprey class made of
glass-reinforced plastic with a foam core
MCS-12 Inchon Class
Mine warfare command and support ship; converted helicopter carrier, provides services to other MCM ships
Heavier variant of the CH-53; primary mission is airborn MCM