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The concept that existence is not in both mental and physical states, but rather that everything is physical. In other words, all that exists in the natural world is physical matter.
My body...yo burning up...
The concept that though the mind and body are separate, the two interact with each other.
(Dualistic) Interactionism
You better know this or else your a stupidhead.
This brother believed that the was a materialist. He believed that the mind was nothing more than a bodily function.

Other materalists include: Hobbs and Hegel
He hated the Persians (no, not Aaron...he has a grudge with any colored people) and was loved by Orual.
This guy believed that that the mind and body are separate and are interacting with one another.

Other interactionists include: Locke and James
He slept all night and stayed in bed all day, and some how, he still made money to live comfortably.
1. Jamal's stomach release Chemical "X" into the bloodstream which flows into his brain.

2. As a result, neurons 34, 67, 128 fired in Jamal's brain

3. Jamal is suddenly overcame with a sensation to go eat fried chicken.

What concept does this model display?

The events in the model were all physical or due to the body. The example showed that Jamal's yearning to eat fried chicken (mental state) was actually a biological or materialistic occurence.
Fried chicken is goooddd.
John Searle's example of how the sensation of thirst occurs in a human being.

In his example, the steps were purely biological (neurons and other chemicals were the "cause" of thirst)
Kool-Aid is goooddd.
1. Doug walks down the street whistling

2. He walks across the road when the little green guy is flashing on the screen

3. Doug sees a car rushing toward him with rap music pumping loudly

4. Fear rushes into his mind as he says "Oh dear."

5. His body flies upward as the car hits him.

6. "I think I'm dying"

1. Physical
2. Physical
3. Physical
4. Mental
5. Physical
6. Mental

The events interacted with each other as the car hit Doug.
I forgot to note that Doug was color-blind. Poor Doug.
Explain how a interactionism takes place.
An event (either physical or mental) takes place. This event sparks off other events (either physical or mental) and so forth. In the end, mental and physical events interacted with each other and caused the succeeding event to take place
Uhh...I have nothing to say.
A problem with Materialism
How are we sure our "body" is actually ours and not an illusion of our senses?
No hint
A problem with Interactionism
How do we know if we don't have more than one mind?
No hint