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Who do you contact in regards to govt life insurance?
PERS 621
what form is used to request family insurance coverage
sglv 8285alpha
what form is used to request sgli? what about family coverage election
sglv 8286
sglv 8286alpha
what is the form for vsgli?
sglv 8714
what form is used to designate a beneficiary for govt life insurance?
what application is used to reinstate govt life insurance?
who is covered by sgli?
active duty mbr, adcutra mbr and inactive duty training mbrs are covered automatically.
When are NROTC mbrs covered by SGLI?
during training cruises.
When are SELRES mbrs covered by SGLI?
they are covered on a full time basis.
Are Naval Midshipmen covered by SGLI? If yes when are they covered>
Yes, full time basis.
What mbrs are covered ONLY during the period of Active Duty for Training? ACTDUTRA
IRR mbrs
MBR's assigned to the ret reserve who have not reached their 61st birthday, but who have completed at least 20 years of service are eligible for VSGLI?
ABO acronyms is for?
Accelerated BEnefit Option
If a mbrs want to decline SGLI coverage what action should you take?
MBr must fill out SGLV 8286 (SGLI REQ) in their own handwriting and must sign a page 13 for service rec entry
When can a mbrs SGLI be forfeited?
If a mbr is found guilty of mutiny, treason, spying or desertion, or refuses to perfrom service of the Armed Forces and refuses to wear the uniform.
When is SGLI not payable?
If a mbr is killed due to lawful punishment for a crime or for a military or naval offense, except when inflicted by an enemy of the US.
If a mbr loses SGLI coverage due to unauthorized absence, when will the SGLI be revived?
The date the mbr is restored with ACDU pay.
How long does a mbr have to apply for VSGLI upon separation?
1 year and 120 days.
If a mbrs missed the required period of time to apply for VSGLI, what action is req for the mbr?
Mbr must provide medical documentation of insurability.
T/f After recieving SGLI coverage you are allowed to convert to commercial insurance?
False, conversion to commercial insurance exist only if prior to SGLI coverage.
A mbr may enter "by law" as a beneficiary on the SGLV 8286.
False, under no circumstances may this entered.
t/f If mbr doesn't elect a payment method for their SGLV 8286, the beneficiary may do so.
Official copies of the SGLV 8286, must bear the mbr official signature and the witness
where are original sgli's sent to?
pers 313C
where are first copies of sgli's sent to?
nowhere, this one is given to mbr for thier personal use.
where are the 2nd copies of sgli's filed?
for o's-file in cmds correspondence files
for e's-promptly file in mbrs rec
mbrs are allowed to designate friends to recieve sgli?
true, but mbr must sign a 13
If a mbr request an old sgli des form be returned to them, what must be done?
An obvious notaion must be made on the form that says cancelled or withdrawn at mbrs request. This must be done by the command, it needs to be signed and dated also.
How long before a vsgi policy must be renewed?
5 years
What does NSGLI stand for?
National Services Life Insurance.
Service Mbrs' Group Life Insurance
Family SGLI
veterans group life insurance?