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Navy vessels may not discharge unpulped trash at sea within ? Nautical miles of U.S. Coast Line
Navy vessels may not discharge pulped trash at sea within ? Nautical miles of U.S. Coast Line
Vessels may not discharge any trash at sea within ? miles from any foriegn coast line.
What is the sponsor request form?
NAVPERS 1330/2
MILCAP Provides monetary recognition awards of up to ?
No servicewomen may be assigned overseas after the ? week of pregnancy.
Pregnant women may not be transferred to a deploying unit between the ? week of pregnancey and ? months.
20th week
4 months
Pregnant women may not remain onboard if the medevac to a TX facility is more than ? hours
6 hours
Servicewomen can't remain on board a deployed vessel beyond the ? week.
20th week
Pregnant Air traffic controllers may work up to the ? week
28th week, 27 in the tower
Convalescent leave for delivering a baby is ?
6 weeks or 42 days.
The family care plan certificate and the family care plan arrangements are?
NAVPERS 1740/6

NAVPERS 1740/7
Who provides guidance and policy for the CMEO program?
The command OMBUDSMAN must attend an intense ? hour training.
21 hour
This code means that the sailor is " Recommended for preferred re-enlistment"
This code means that the sailor is " JUST Eligible for re-enlistment"
This code means that the sailor is "Eligible for probationary Re-enlistment"
This code means that the sailor is "Not eligible for re-enlistment"