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Which of the following terms is interchangeable with fundamentals of leadership?
Principles of supervision
When you realize you have made a wrong decision, admit your mistake,accept the responsibility and..
Take steps to avoid repeating the error
An effective leader should recognize that people as inividuals have different values and beliefs..
Which of the following traits is/are common to all successful leaders?
What level of human behavior is the most important?
When dealing with people, you can NOT change which of the following human traits?
Emotional make-up
Not understanding the tech. language of your rate results in which of the following problems?
Poor communication
Failure to advance in rate
Misinterpretation of official publication
When reporting to a superior there are four "B"s to remember: Be on time, be accurate, be brief and be..
Which of the following is not an acceptable sign of appreciation for a job well done?
Promising an award
What type of feedback is given when job performance standards are not being met?
Which of the following is not a type of advising and counseling session?
Why should improvements under the continuous improvement program be standardized?
To make the improvement available to everyone.
What is one of the most important chalenges we face as petty officers when dealing with subordinates?
Which of the following is not a responsibility of the training P.O?
Assign personnel to fleet and service schools
During a class discussion, what questioning tech. shoudl be used?
Thought Provoking