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Submarines may discharge negatively buoyant compacted trash not less than 12nm from the U.S. coastline only if the water depth is greater than how many fathoms?
The Navy's land management program involves which of the following efforts?
soil and water conservation
From what part of the world does the U.S. export most of its crude oil?
Middle East
Easing the problems that Naval personnel and their families face during transfers to new duty stations is the purpose of what program?
Navy Sponsor Program
Assignment of a sponsor is mandatory in the case of PCS orders to or from any activity.
What program provides information and support for Navy personnel who are guests in foreign lands?
Overseas Duty Support Program
The military cash awards program (MILCAP) provides monetary recognition of up to what maximum amount?
The Navys health and physical readiness program promotes health and fitness at the command level. As part of this program Naval personnel are required to undergo fitness testing at what interval?
Informing the public and members of the Naval service about Navy ops and programs is the mission of?
What is the term for extragant, careless, or needless expenditure of government resources?
What is the term for the intentional misleading or deceitful conduct that deprives the government of its resources or rights?
What is the term for the intentional wrongful or improper use of government resources?
You can report fraud, waste, abuse and mismanagement to which of the following offices?
Navy Hotline, Chain of Command, and NCIS
The transfer of exchange of enlisted personnel uniform items must be authorized by whom?
How many pairs of fire retardant dungaree shirts and trousers/slacks are required in your seabag?
Military personnel may wear authorized military uniform articles of clothing with civilian clothing including shoes, gloves and the watch cap?
Occupation groups are identified by what means?
Rate mark which is worn on the left sleeve of jumpers and white summer shirts
What is a striker mark?
Specialty mark of a particular rating, worn by personnel in paygratdes E-1 thru E-3 who have qualified for the rating
How many years of service must a person complete to be eligible to wear one service hash mark?
How many years of continuous good conduct are required before a person becomes eligible to wear gold service stripes?
How can you determine whether an officer is a line officer or a staff corps officer?
Star on sleeve or shoulder board of line officer
How many broad categories of awards?
In what year was the purple heart founded by President Washington?
To help your subordinates grow both personally and professionally, you must use which of the following supervisory practices?
Provide timely feedback on performance, Provide on the job training, and Identify strengths and weaknesses
If a person commits an act of arbitrary discrimination, the CO may take which of the following disciplinary actions?
Assign lower EVAL marks, Award NJP and Submit recommendation for separtation
NR&R workshop is conducted by which of the following groups?
Which of the following subjects is NOT covered during the NR&R workshop?
Combatant Skills
Information concerning equal opportunity contained in command records may not be obtained through which of the following methods?
What 2 methods of data collecting by the CAT require other data sources to be used to draw conclusions and produce findings that can be validly interpreted?
NJP is better known in the navy by which of the following titles?
Captains Mast
Without using court martial intervention, what article of the UCMJ empowers the CO to impose punishment for minor offenses on both officer and enlisted personnel?
Under the UCMJ, punishment must be imposed within 2 years of the offense.
The report and disposition of offense(s), NAVPERS 1626/7, contains all of the following information?
Preliminary Inquiry Report, Action of XO at screening Mast and Record of any pre-Mast restraint
You may select only one beneficiary option under the survivor benefit plan?
To transfer to the fleet reserve you must complete which of the following requirements?
2 years at current duty station, Submit NAVPERS 1830/1, and Submit NAVPERS 1070/621 or NAVPERS 1070/622
Which of the following is not an element of an effective training program?
Correspondence courses, onboard training packages and computer aided training belong to which of the following training categories?
Self Study
Ensuring persons giving lectures in signing qualifications can communicate well with others is what element of an effective training program?
Positive Leadership
Technical support is defined as testing individuals or having them demonstrate the knowledge they are credited with having.
Who should ensure a junior officer is trained to have a positive attitude toward the CPO community?
Safety minded supervisors are considered the key to successful mishap prevention programs for which of the following reasons?
They have routine contact with personnel and equipment, They know the work areas and hazards involved and They can take immediate action
What is the most common cause of mishaps in the navy?
Lack of knowledge or skill
Which of the following methods will you find to be most effective when teaching safety habits?
Hands on Practice
Which publication contains pages that make good safety posters?
Which of the following points should be considered by personnel who conduct safety inspections?
Keep open mind at all times, Know what to look for and Use checklist during inspections
First line supervisors should hold random, informal inspections for hazards at least how often?
Which of the following personnel should always be present during a safety inspection?
Personnel who work in the space
The basic guidance for NAVOSH is contained in which of the following pubs?
To accomplish the objective of the Hearing Conservation Program, which of the following actions should you take?
Survey workspaces, Require periodic hearing tests, and Educate personnel in causes of hearing loss
Which of the following is the most common work related source of noise?
High speed tools