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Worst enemies faced during Civil War?
Sickness and insufficient medical treatment
Cause of enlistment for the South?
Fear of being branded a coward
Defend their home from invasion
Civil War was first modern war to take advantage of___?
technological innovations
Conflict turned into a ___?
War of maneuver
Reasons for Confederacy loss?
Lack of manpower and industry
Opponent with unlimited resources
Railroad ran North and South only
Union Generals
Economic peril -Most important
Technological innovations that changed the way wars were fought?
Aerial Observations (balloons)
Iron-clad ships
Rapid-rire weapons
Manassas, VA
21 July 1861 (S)
Tactical Confederate victory left Southerners overconfident and stiffened Northern resolve
Wilson's Creek, MO
10 Aug 1861 (S)
Tactical victory for the Confederates that almost stopped Southern momentum in a border state
Seven Day's Battles, VA
25 Jul - 1 Jul 1862 (S)
Series of battles drove the principle Union Army away from the Confederate capital
Second Manassas, VA
29-30 Aug 1862 (S)
Gen Lee's Army routed Union effort against Richmond
Antietam, MD
17 Sep 1862 (N)
Bloodiest day in American History.
Gen. George McClellan stopped the first invasion of the North.
Lincoln issued Emancipation Proclamation
Result of Emancipation Proclamation?
Made slavery the main issue of the conflict
Kept Europe from recognizing the Confederate States of America
Gettysburg, PA
1-3 Jul 1863 (N)
Union Army won first real victory over Lee's Army.
Called Pickett's charge
Largest and costliest battles ever fought in North America.
Siege of Vicksburg, MA
19 May - 4 Jul 1863 (N)
Capture of the entire Confederate Army spread gloom through South,
opened Mississippi to Union control,
split the confederacy.
Brought Grant to the forefront
Appomattox, VA
19-21 Mar 1865
Surrender of Army Confederacy's doom assured