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Types of Correspondence (7)
1 Electronic mail.
2 Standard letters.
3 Endorsements.
4 Memorandums.
5 Point papers.
6 Business letters.
7 Administrative action (AA) forms
Standard Letter
The standard letter is the military’s version of a business letter. Use it to correspond officially within the Department
of Defense (DOD).
When a letter is transmitted “Via” your activity, use an
endorsement to forward comments, recommendations, or information. While an endorsement is used for transmitting correspondence through the chain of command, you may also use it to redirect a letter
Memorandum provides an __ to correspond within an activity or between ___. Subordinate units use memorandums for __.
informal way - Department of the Navy (DON) activities -
Point/Position/Talking Paper are ___ that an action officer prepares.
staff action documents
Use the business letter to correspond with ___ who are unfamiliar with the standard letter. It may also be used for official correspondence between individuals within the DOD, when occasions call for a __.
agencies, businesses, or individuals outside the DOD, - personal touch
A directive is a formal written communication that accomplishes at least one of the following:
1 Establishes or revises policy.
2 Delegates authority or assigns responsibility.
3 Assigns a mission, function, or task.
4 Issues plans or programs.
5 Directs courses of action or conduct or regulates administrative practices.
6 Establishes a procedure, standard, or method of performing a duty, function, or task.
7 Modifies, changes, or cancels another directive.
Order Identification
An order is first distinguished by an appropriate
abbreviation for the command issuing the directive.
If the directive is classified CONFIDENTIAL,
a zero, “0,” will
precede the standard subject identification code (SSIC)
A double zero, “00,” preceding the SSIC indicates that the directive is
is classified SECRET
This code identifies the __ of the directive. SSICs are also used to identify and file __ .
primary focus - other naval correspondence
An “R” following the SSIC indicates that the directive is applicable only to the __
Marine Corps Reserve establishment (“MCO P1070R.2”)
When an order is substantially changed or revised, a new one is distributed and a
revision letter is placed after the consecutive point number. “A” indicates the first revision, “B” the second, and so forth (“BnO 3570.4C”).
To save money, minor changes may be made with a ___ Such changes will be recorded on the __ and on the record of changes page issued with every manual type order. This is important because you should never use a directive for guidance which is not current in both revision and change.
black ink pen or by inserting a whole new page - first page of a letter type order