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1 Month Old
Weighs approximately 8 pounds.Has regained weight lost after birth.Lifts head slightly when placed on stomach.Turns head to side when prone
2 months old
Posterior fontanel closes.Tears appear.Smiles in response to mother's voice.
3 months old
Reaches for objects but misses them.Carries hand to mouth.Can follow an object like rattle.
4 months old
Weighs about 13-14 pounds.Drools.Lifts head and shoulders when on abdomen.And looks around.Responds to others.
5 months old
Sits with support. Drinks from a cup-can't hold, but can drink.Talks to self.Tries to hold bottle at feeding time.
6 months old
Doubles birth weight. Sits alone momentarily.Turns completely over. Pulls to sitting position.
Child first sits then creeps then walks
7 months old
First of deciduous teeth-central incisors.Shows fear of strangers.
8 months old
Sits steadily alone.Plays pat-a-cake. Amuses self longer.
9 months old
Shows preference for use of one hand. Can raise self to a sitting position. Creeps. Tries to imitate sounds.
10 months old
Pulls to a standing position in the playpen. Walks around furniture while holding onto it. Knows name. Peek-a-boo.
11 months old
Stands upright holding on to an adult's hand. Can drink from a sippy cup.Finger foods.
Between 12-15 months old
Can walk independently. Triples birth weight. May walk-stands alone for short periods.
Eats with a spoon with supervision.
2 years old
Jumps with both feet.