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1. When installing floppy drive, the A drive letter is established_______

A. by the cable
B. through Windows
C. by a jumper on the drive
D. by a jumper on the motherboard
E. I/O-address of the drive
F. I/O-address of the controller
Answer: A

Explanation: The A drive is established by the location of floppy drive at the cable (before or after the twist of the cable).
Incorrect Answers
B: Floppy drive letter assignment are not software configurable.
C: There are no jumpers on diskette drives.
D: There is no jumper on the motherboard for the diskette drive letter assignment.
E:, F IO-address is not related.
2. When you boot up your computer the light on the diskette drive lights up and stays lit. What does this mean?

A. Disk is in the drive
B. No disk is in the drive
C. The data cable is installed backwards
D. The diskette drive is functioning properly
Answer: C

Explanation: A floppy cable that is installed backwards would keep diskette drive light lit.
Incorrect Answers
A, B; D: If the diskette drive was functioning properly the diskette drive light would be turned off after the boot process finishes regardless if the there were a disk present or not.
3. You are the technician at Certkiller . A user complains of a "Diskette Write Protected" error.
What would you do to resolve this problem?

A. Slide the tab on the diskette.
B. Enter the command "write disk".
C. Replace the diskette any try again.
D. Eject the diskette, re-insert it and try again.
Answer: A
4. You are a technician at Certkiller . Your newly appointed Certkiller trainee wants to make a bootable floppy diskette. What files MUST be copied to the diskette?
(Choose three)
Answer: A, C, D

Explanation: A bootable floppy contains the default system-files:
5. A customer complains that she cannot open files on a floppy diskette, nor can she save new files on the diskette. How would you determine if this is a hardware or a software problem?

A. Open the system box and replace the floppy drive and see if this work. If it works, it was a hardware problem.
B. Set the BIOS Boot Sequence to Boot form a DOS diskette first. Insert a DOS boot diskette and see if the system boots to it. Try writing or copying a file to the Boot diskette. If it works, it is a software problem.
C. Make sure that the write protect tab on the diskette is in the unprotected mode. If it works, it was a hardware problem.
D. Use a floppy drive cleaner and then try to use the floppy drive. If it works, it was a hardware problem.
Answer: B
6. You are a technician at Certkiller . Your newly appointed Certkiller trainee has a floppy drive cable. She wants to know what is the drive letter assigned to the drive after the twist. What would your reply be?

A. A
B. B
C. C
D. D
Answer: A

Explanation: The floppy drive connected after the twist will be assigned the letter A.
Incorrect Answers
B: The floppy drive connected before the twist will be assigned the letter B.
C, D: The letters C and D cannot be assigned to diskette drive. They are used for mass
storage devices such as hard drives and CD-ROMs.