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Who invented the Model T car?
Henry Ford
Nickname for city of Detroit?
Motor City
Which landforms not found in Midwest?
Coastal plains, Appalachian Mts.
A major producer in the Midwest
corn and wheat
What are the 4 major belts in the Midwest?
Corn belt, wheat belt, dairy belt, manufacturing belt
The presidents on Mount Rushmore are:
Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt, Lincoln
What is harvested in the Great Plains?
What is harvested in the Central Plains?
Which natural resource is found in the Midwest?
natural gas
What is the Midwest's nickname?
Is steel made form iron ore?
What is lake effect?
when moisture forms over the Great Lakes and blows eastward
Does Chicago have the coldest wind chill and the most cloudy days?
Is the Mussouri River the most important water transportation route in the U.S.?
Are buffalo native to the Midwest?
The Great migration into Detroit
brought many jobs and built cities
Buffalo moved around a lot
to find food
White men hunted buffalo
almost to extinction
Describe Native Am. life in the Midwest
1. lived teepees
2. hunted buffalo
3. used every part of buffalo
What is an assembly line?
1. make a lot of same thing
2. very fast
3. each worker performs one task
How does competition from overseas effect economy in Midwest
1. other countries make steel cheaper
2. forced US to develop new technology
3. loss of jobs in car industries
Describe difficulties N. Americans faced living in Midwest
1. buffalo hunts dangerous
2. mean settlers
3. white men took land to settle
4. gold brought many people