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True or False
Dry farming is a way to grow crops that do not need any water
False. Dry farming depends on melting snow and rain to provide moisture.
For what reason did industries in the midwest grow rapidly?
Because good transportation was available-Great Lakes and Rivers
What is the climate of the midwest?
cold winters
What is the "motor city"
Detroit because cars are manufactured there.
The midwest has what kind of soil?
What is the nation's top steel producing state?
An area where corn, soy beans, and wheat are grown.
The corn belt
Most of the people in the midwest live in urban or rural areas?
Urban-which is the city
The boundary of 5 Midwest states is made by what river?
Describe the land in the midwest
It is flat
The midwest mainly produces what three crops?
Soy beans, corn and wheat.
What is steel made from?
True or False?
Milwaukee was settled by the Germans
What is most of the land like in the midwest.