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What parts of the U.S. make up the Heartland?
the Midwest and the Great Plains
Wht important rivers are in the Midwest?
Mississippi River, Missouri River, and the Ohio River
Why is this region called our country's breadbasket?
It provides healthy foods that people need such as wheat and corn.
What is an apprentice?
An apprentice is a person who learns a trade from a master craftsperson.
What is Wisconsin known as?
The Heartland's main dairy state
What is the only remaining African American settlement west of the Mississippi River?
What does a blacksmith do?
A blacksmith makes farm tools, kitchen tools, and horeshoes.
Who was Jane Addams?
She started Hull House. It helped immigrants who came to Chicago in many ways.
What is an important industry in this region?
Making steel
What is Kansas and Nebraska famous for growing?
Who were the first white explorers of
the Mississippi River?
Joliet and Marquette
Who explored the Missouri River for President Jefferson?
Lewis and Clark
What is made from iron ore?
What links the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean?
the St. Lawrence Waterway
What is an atlas?
a collection of maps
What large river flows into the Gulf of Mexico?
Mississippi River