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scenerio: a core sample is drilled in locatio A, it contains 10 layers of sedimentary rock, another in location B, 8 layers were found. Two layers were missing. What is this?
the rock layer near the top is younger than the one on the bottom. What is this?
the law of superposition
define unconformity
a period where deposition stops and isremoved by erosion, then deposition rsumes.
define nonconformity
angular unconformity
nonconformity- an upward intrusion
angular unconformiy- when the layers are tilted
disconformity- a downward intrusion
what is the principle of uniformitarianism?
the current geologic process depends and happened in the past
what is realitive and absolute age.
realitive age- older or younger
absolute age- an acutal number
what is continental drift

plate tectonics?
the contients move

the crust is made of plates that move