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Magic to ward off evil
The Benandanti, which included both male and female members, were a small group of anti-witches that ensured the protection of the crops and villages.
Burning Times
The transformation of witches from respected prophets to outcats and servants to the devil. Witches had a pact with Satan and at the Sabbath they performed infanticide, homosexual incest, and sodomy.
Curse tablet
Curse tablets were small thin sheets of led with enscriptions of the name of the victim. The were deposited in graves or in bodies of water. They were done by amateurs in secret and were used for various purposes.
She was a virgin goddess, and she was originally a mother and fertility diety. Additionally she was the goddess of hunting and she was fiercly agressive in avenging male injustice.
She was a scandinavian earth God. She was the sister of Freyr and she was a fertility goddess. Additionally she was a skilled practitioner of seithre.
She is the goddess of fertility. She is three faced and she is one of three goddesses of the moon. She embodies the malign aspect of the devine world.
Was one of several degrees of divergence from the catholic church. It was not merely a sin, but also a crime punishable by death.
Animal Familiar
An animal belived to posess magic power such as the ability to change its shape. It may be a temporary form assumed by a spirit, devil, or trickster God.
The attempt to purify the faith; against superstitious beliefs, use of holy water, charms, amulets
Hag Riding
A popular term used to describe a terrifying nocturnal assult by a witch.
In roman catholic theology, indulgence are a means to pay the wages of sin. Indulgences were a major part of contention of Martin Luther initiated the reformation.
Pope Innocent VIII
He issued a papal bull (document) in 1484 (Summis desiderantes affectibus): this bull authorized Kramer and Sprenger to prosecute witches in Germany
Inquisitorial system
The inquisitorial system prohibited clerics from participating in ordeals. Suspicion, gossip or denunciation was sufficient indication of guilt to warrant a trial and witnesses were not identified.
A scandinavian God that was the mythical being of mischief.
Harmful and evil sorcery. It transformed from maleficium in to heresy.
He was the scandinavian god of war, but also the god of poetry and wisdom. He was associated witht he wild hunt. He was a sky god.
The belief in many gods.
A multitude of women who reject the christian faith by making a pact with the devil.
The combination of different forms of beliefs and thoughts. This occured during the conversion from Paganism to christianity.
A scandinavian sky god who is the son of Odin, the god of thunder, travels in a chariot, and he throws a hammer and lightening bult that return to him.
It was Odin's hall and the home of the slain warriors in battle who were escorted to valhalla by the valkyries
They are minor femal gods who served Odin and escorted the slain to Valhalla.
A femal prohetess who practiced forms of indigenous magic
The image of the anti-society, secret nocturnal meetings, devil-worshippers, sexually promiscuous is taken from Waldensianism
Wild Hunt
A furious nunch of female witches that ride through the sky on phantom black horses. They shriek and they destroy lives and property. They are led by Diana, a Pagan god turned evil.
Witch of Endor
A pythoness who consults with Saul so that he can converse with the ghost of Samuel. She is not an authorized hebrew prophet, and therefore, god turns away from Saul.
Heinrich Kramer
He made an inquisition for witches and sourcers. He believs that the devil is stronger than man and the devil has power over the minds of men when gods let him use his power. Witches and the devil always work together.
Lex Talionis
"an eye for an eye"
Martin Luther
He was the head of the Protestant reformation. He believd witchcraft was a choice and linked the the role of a housewife. Execution should be used as a detterant and focuses on daily life.
A trial by ordeal is a judicial practice by which guilt or innocence of the accused is determined by subjecting them to a painful task.
Sola Fide
Salvation through God's faith alone. A doctrine that distinguished protastants from catholics.
A form of torture in which the victim is suspended in the air by means of a rope attached to his hand which are tied behind his back.
The change of a substance of bread and wine into the body and blood of christ.
H. Kramer and J. Sprenger’s Malleus Maleficarum defines female witch
Beginning of Reformation
Gutemberg printing press--the first mass dissemination of broadsheets (pamphlets, chapbooks)
Heresy was not merely a sin but also a crime punishable by death after 1215 (Lateran Council)
Carolina = unified criminal code for all of Holy Roman Empire, instituted by Charles V