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Decussation of the pyramids
In the medulla oblongata. Just above the medulla-spinal cord junction most of these fibers cross over - consequence is that each cerebral hemisphere contols the voluntary movements of muscles on the opposite of the body.
Must have Acetylcholine in order for memory to function!
Info from
1.association corices go to the
2. medial temporal lobe(hippocampus) which communicates to
3. thalamus and prefrontal cortes.
4. medial lobe structures and feeds back to the association cortices.
Memory stages
Working memory
Short term
5% of of information trasfered to STM
DEF: storage and retreival of information.
Short-term memory (STM) Working memory- Capacity is limited to 7 or 8 chunks like phone # dial and then forget.
Long term memory
limitless capacity. Transfer of info from STM to LTM depends on:
1. Emotional state- witness shocking event(transfered immediately)
2. Rehearsal- Repitition of material enhances memory.
3. Association- Tying "new" info to " old" info.
4. Automatic memory- looking at the lecturer's tie.
Declarative memory-

Non declarative memory
Once learned HARD to unlearn
Explicit information-names, faces, works, dates.

Procedural(skills) memory
piano playing
Motor memory
riding a bike
emotinal memory
heart pounds when hear a snake
Diaphram most important for respiration
Intercostal- inspiration
External costal- expiration
Para-sympathetic- Constricts bronchials
Sympathetic- Dilates bronchiles
Cervical Vertebra
Thoracic Vertebra
Lumbar Vertebra
5 fused vertebra
4 fused vertebra