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Functionalist Theorists
Themore contributions to society the greater the reward. A job for everyone at various levels
Conflict Theorists
Thos withthe power force those without to conform to their standards of conduct. The powerful control the earning power of the powerless
Symbolic interaction
One continues the social patterns that are understood by their social world.

A social continuation of patterns from generation to generation
Altruistic society
self destructive act stemming from overinvolvement in a group. Person takes his or her life for the good of the group
Anomic suicide
the self destructive act that results from the unregulated desires and ambition. It occurs in periods of rapid social change.
Marx's term for people who own and control the means of production in a capatalists society
coercive organizations
Org's such as prisons or asylums that people join involuntarily and that restrin theri members from normal contact with the larger society
continued subjugation
intergroup patter in which minority groups are kept in the subordinate social and economic position
cultural relativism
The belief that there is no universal standard of good or bad, right or wrong. That an aspect of any given culture can be judged only within the context of that culture.
Davis-Moore theory
a functionalist theory interpretation of social stratification that attempted to explain social inequality in terms of it's contributions to society
De facto racism
Discriminatory actions that exist in practice, but are not supported or required by law.
De Jure racism
Discriminatory practices that are required or supported by Law.

Affirmative Action
egoistic suicide
suicide that results from a lack of group integration and commitment to other people.
The tendency to believe that the norms and values of one's own culture are superior to those of others, and the use these norms as a standard when evaluating all other cultures
feminization of poverty
The increasing association between being female and being economically deprived.
Tonnies - a modern type of associational relationship based on impersonal, rational, secondary group relations among members of a population
Hawthorne effect
the effect that knowledge of being part of a research study has on subjects.
rites of passage
events that define and symbolize a significant change in the life situation of its main participants