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What percent of the world is Islamic?
Who was Islam founded by and when?
Muhammed in 622 AD
What is the text of Islam?
The Qur'an
What is trinitarianism?
One God, three different names
One in ________, three in _______
essence, substenance
What is the Hijrah?
The flight to Medina from Mecca
What are the "Five Pillars" of Islam?
Confession, Prayers, Almsgiving, Fasting, and Pilgrimage.
What are the six major Muslim beliefs?
Unity, Angels, Prophets, Books, Judgement, and Decrees.
What are the three major sects of Islam?
Sunni (tend towards tolerance), Shi'a (tend towards violence), and Sufi (mystics).
What were three reactions of Islam to the influence of the west?
Secularism (Separation of religion and state), Islmaic modernilzation (Attempt to fit Islam with modern world), and Islamic fundamentalism (A return to what is perceived as pristine Islam).
What are three social change processes which have influenced the contemporary Islamic revival?
Urbanization, Literary/Education, and Creation of a Public Sphere (universitites).
What is the goal of Islamic fundamentalism?
To join politics and religion in a Muslim state, where religion determines Truth and government structures all of life in conformity with Truth.
What are the three greatest works of Augustine?
Confessions, On the Trinity, and City of God
What is faith?
Choosing to believe what the evidence seems to support.
What is Augustine's Confessions considered?
An autobiography written as a prayer
"The ______ heard round the world." was said about Thomas Aquinas
Who was teh astronomer who said that the earth was round?
Averroes (also translated Aquinas to Latin)
What is reason?
Knowledge gained by experience
What is faith?
Knowledge gained from sense experience
What are the five ways of Aquinas?
Motion, efficient cause, contingency, gradation, and design.
What is the Thomistic Dualism?
Nature (natural world) and grace (supernatural world)
What is the Thomistic Dualism?
Nature (natural world) and grace (supernatural world)