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the institutions, processes, and rules that are designed to facilitate control of a particular geographic area and its inhabitants.
Political system
the various components of American government constitute a political system. The parts are separate but they connect with each other, affecting how each performs.
U.S. core values
If politics is taught, should political knowledge in the U.S. INCREASE or DECREASE?
The belief that individuals should be free to act and think as they choose, provided they do not infringe unreasonably on the freedom and well-doing of others.
The belief that all individuals are equal in their moral worth and are entitled to equal treatment under the law.
The belief that the people are the ultimate source of governing authority and must have a voice in how they are governed.
a form of gov't in which the people govern, either directly or through elected representatives.
Political knowledge in the US should ________(increase/decrease)
14th amendment
equal protection clause is in what amendment?
Classical liberals
The people believe in:
private property
gov't should be limited
limited majority
Checks & Balances
the elaborate system of divided spheres of authority provided by the U.S. Constitution as a means of controlling the power of government. Separation of powers among the branches of the national government, federalism, and the different methods of selecting national officers are all part of this system.
separation of powers
The division of the powers of gov't among separate institutions or branches.
a governmental system in which authority is divided between two sovereign levels of government: national and regional.

still controversial
a form of gov't in which the people govern, either directly or through elected representatives.
John Locke & enlightenment
Who was the 17th Century English thinker & influenced on Dec of Independence & Thomas Jefferson?
those who say that gov't should do more to solve the country's problems and that gov't ought not to support taditional values at the expense of less conventional ones.

would be inclined to favor an increase in gov't-provided health-care and also to support civil unions for same sex couples.
Who ultimately chooses the president of the US?
There are as many electoral votes as there are members in the _________.
provided that the president would be selected by electors chosen by the states.
They would be nominated by the pres. and confirmed by the _______.
Madison & Jefferson
Who founded the bill of rights?
protects people accused of a crime
Whom does the Bill of Rights protect?
a governmental system in which sovereignty is vested entirely in subnational (state) governments.

could make laws and declare war
could NOT regulate trade & tax
categorical grants
federal grants-in-aid to states and localities that can be used only for designated projects.
block grants
federal grants-in-aid that permit state and local officials to decide how the money will be spent within a general area, such as education or health.
"The New Deal"
Which president initiated federal supremacy?
national gov't
What is California's ultimate authority?
You have the right to know what you are being charged with.
protected by the state
Where can you find protection from sexual harrasment?
retrospective judgement
Judgement in the past
prospective judgement
Judgement in the future
Civil liberties
Protecting you against persecution for your personal beliefs
a white male who was denied entrance to USC
violated equal protection clause in the 14th amendment
Civil right act of 1964
Which act outlawed employment discrimination?
laizzez-faire doctrine
A classic economic philosophy that holds that ouwners of businesses should be allowed to make their own production and distribution decisions without gov't regulation or control.
Pluralism theory
1. Voting elections
gives legitamate elections
2. public opinion
usually taxation, jobs, education
"Bread & Butter" issues
3. Interest group democracy
A theory of American polictics that holds that society's interests are substantially represented through the activities of groups
no single group can't dominate
minority vs majority
What are the pro's and con's of pluralism?
The courts, they aren't accounted for the people
In the 2000 presidential election, what was involved that shouldn't have been involved?
anyone over the age of 18, and not convicted of a crime.
Who votes in the presidential elections?
A person with higher educational is more or less likely to vote.
What country has the lowest voter turnout?
ecomonic interest groups
Public interest groups
groups that claim to represent the broad interests of society as a whole.

people often disagree on what constitutes this group which raises the issue of whether any particular viewpoint can truly be said to represent that interest.
Professional interest groups
interest group
have a degree
30-40 million people
ecomonic interest groups
interest groups that are organized primarily for economic reasons but which engage in political activity in order to seek favorable policies from government.
Political action committee
organizations through which interest groups raise and distribute funds for election purposes. By law, funds must be raised through voluntary contributions.
In 2004, who could we vote for in the state level and the national level?
What ethnic group in CA that votes the least?
Public Opinion
The politically relevant opinions held by ordinary citizens that they express openly.
Political Socialization
The learning process by which people acquire their political opinions, beliefs, and values.

Socio-economic class
10th amendment
The powers not delegated to the US by the constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the states respectively, or to the people.