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What do Arabs have in common?
Two early Arab Civilizations?
Summarians and Egyptians
Summarians lived where?
In the Fertile Crescent
The Fertile Crescent was between what two rivers?
Tigris and Euphrates
Egyptians built their empire along what body of water?
The Nile River
The Arab World was the birthplace of what three religions?
Islam, Judaism, and Christianity
What religion is central to the lives of Arab Muslims?
Who is the founder of Islam?
Where was the founder of Islam born?
The arab word for believer is?
The name of the Muslim God is?
The holdy book of Islam is called?
What empire ruled the Arab world until WW1?
The Ottoman Empire
What are the five pillars of Islam?
One God
Pray 5 x daily toward Mecca
Give to poor/needy
Fast during month of Ramadan
Pilgrimmage to Mecca
What does the word Islam mean?
What is a muslim house of worship?
Who is the Islamic Prophet?
WHat is the name of the holy crier in Islam?
What is the holy city of the Muslim?
What is the islamic word that means to take a pilgrimmage to the city of Mecca?
What are the two different Islamic Sects?
Sunni and Shia
What is the Islamic Symbol?
A moon with a star
What is the Fundamentalist Afgahn Islamic Rebel Group?
What is the Islamic word for holy war or struggle?
What were the two branches of Christianity in 1054?
Orthodox and Roman Catholics
Who was the German monk that broke away from the Catholic Church?
Martin Luther
What are the followers of Martin Luther called?
What is the symbol of Christianity?
The Cross
WHat is the Christian Holy Book?
The Bible
Christians follw the teachings of what man?
Which world religion has the most followers?
What religion has the fewest followers?
What is a "one god" religion called?
What is the holy book of the Jews?
WHat is the jewish house of worship called?
What is the service called for a boy/birl to make their commitment to Judaism?
Bar Mitzvah
What are the three branches of Judaism?
Reform, Orthodox, and Conservative
WHat is Zionism?
A movement to return to Palestine.
WHat is the symbol of the Jews?
Six Pointed Star.
WHat two countries took over the Arab Lands after WWI?
Great Britain and France
When did the arab nations win their independence from Europe?
After WWII
In 1952, what country and ruler tried to liberate his country from GB and tried to unite the Arab world?
Gamal Nasser of Egypt
Most of the oil is in what region?
Persian Gulf states
Which country has more oil reserves than any other nation?
Saudi Arabia
What is OPEC?
Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries
Arab Nations can unite on what principle?
Anger toward Israel/Jews for taking the land they believe is theirs rightfully
Israel became an independent nation in what year?
Arabs attacked Israel in 1967 when Israel took control of what four areas?
Gaza Strip, Sinai Penninsula, Golen Heights, West Bank
What two countries attacked Israel in 1973 that left the Palenstinians without a homeland?
Egypt and Syria
The 1973 attack on Israel saw the formation of what movement?
What does PLO stand for?
Palestinian Liberation Organization
Who headed the PLO?
Yasser Arafat
Which president negotiated a peace treaty between Egypt and Israel?
Jimmy Carter
What Lebanon city was destroyed during a 16 year civil war with the PLO?
In 1990, what country did Iraq/Saddam Hussein invade?