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Palestinian Liberation Organization - begun in 1964
Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries - begun in 1960.
After the Nixon aided Israel in Yom Kippur war, OPEC (under leadership of King Faisal of S.A.) placed an oil embargo on US.
Gamel al-Nasser
Led Egyptian Officers Movement, a coup in 1952.
In control by 1954, officially president in 1956.
Anwar Sadat
Successor to Nasser (1971). Moved Egyptian policy away from Soviets and toward US. One of the players in Camp David accord along with Carter and Begin.
President Assad
President of Syria
Yasser Arafat
of the PLO/Fatah
David Ben Gurion
First PM of Israel from 1949 to 1963.
Golda Meir
PM from '69 - '74, during Yom Kippur war.
Manachim Begin
Formulated Likud Coalition in 1977 in response to Carter's idea for palestinian "homeland". Was a hard-line leader who referred to Israel in biblical terms. Part of Camp David Accord.
Yitzak Rabin
PM 1974 to 1977. Succeeded Golda Meir. Chief of Staff in IDF in 1964 - commanded in 6-day war.
Ariel Sharon
Was a military commander thru Yom Kippur war. Key part of Camp David negotiations. Defense minister in '81. PM in 2001.
King Hussein of Jordan
After first Arab-Israeli war, he broke with Arabs by invading West Bank and then stopping, as well trying to secretly negotiate a permanent border with Israel.
Negotiated mutual defense pact with Nasser during 6-day war.