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What is the main languages of turkey
Turkish, Farsi, Rurain, Amenian, & Arabic
What is the languages of Iran
Farsi, Arabic, Armenian
What are the languages of Isrial
Arabic, and Hebrew
What is the languages of Egypt
What are the main languages of Iraq
Kurdish, Ancient Languages, Aramaic
What is the definition of Eurocentrism
means that europeans are the center of attention Euro=Europe Centric=Center
What are examples of Eurocentrism
Maps center is where the map is made, media is very centered.
What is Orientalism
Lense to view people different "steriotyping".
Examples of Orientalism
Seeing arabs as evil and violent, has a hollywood view as "magical" view of ilsam culture
Bysontine Empire
In the east, mostly greece. Constantinople was the capital of byzantine.
What are the 5 basic priniples of Islam
1. Unity of GOd
2. Angels
3. Prophets
4. Holy Books
5. Judgment Day
5 pillars of Islam
1. Faith
2. Prayer
3. Charity
4. Fast
5. Pilgramage