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Why is the Middle East an accurate name for Southwest Asia?
1. In the middle of the eastern hemisphere.
2. Located at crossroads of Europe, Africa and Asia.
3. In the middle of historic trade routes.
What climate do you find in the Middle East?
Desert Climate
What did the British build in 1869 to decrease travel time to Asia?
Suez Canal
What is the most plentiful and most scarce resources found in the Middle East?
most plentiful-oil

most scarce-water
What does OPEC stand for?

What do they do?
Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries

1. Want to decrease the influence of western oil companies.
2.Control how much oil is produces and the prices
**OPEC helped control prices in the 1970s**
What are the advantages that the Middle East has in makes and trading oil?
1.oil is close to the Earth's surface
2.95% of the oil is near the Persian Gulf so it's easy to move.
3.OPEC controls the prices
4. US imports more oil from Saudi Arabia than any other country.
What are some indicators of the quality of life in a country?
1.Literacy rate
2.Amount of useable land
3.infant mortality
5. % of urban/rural population
6. GDP
Name the 3 monotheistic religions.
Christianity, Islam and Judaism
The majority of Arabs in the Middle East practice what religion?
What are the 3 cities that are important to Muslims in the order of importance?
1. Mecca-birthplace of Muhammed
2. Medina-where he taught.
3. Jerusalem-where he ascended to heaven
What was the main goal of Zionism?
To establish a Jewish state in Palestine
What 2 groups of people claimed Palestine as a homeland?
Arabs and Jews
What country was created in 1948 so the Jewish would have a homeland?
Israel...created by the UN.

Caused conflict between Israeli Jews and Arab-Muslim Palestinians.
What are the 4 areas that Israeli Jews and Arab Palestinians are fighting over?
1. West Bank of the Jordan River
2. Gaza Strip
3. Golan Heights
4. Eastern Jerusalem
What is the goal of the Palestinian Liberation Organization?
Self-rule and independence.

The creation of a homeland which would require reclaiming land from the Israeli Jews.
What is the name given to the land between the Tigris and the Euprates?
Fertile Crescent
What ancient civilization lived in the Fertile Crescent?
Where was the Ottoman Empire located?
In Turkey.
What is the name of the group of people treated badly by both Turkish and Iraqi governments?
The Kurds...They want their own independent state.
What war did the US become involved in in 1990? Why?
The Persian Gulf War.

Iraq invaded Kuwait.
What country has a history of severely restricting woman's rights?
Name some of the agricultural jobs Middle Easterners have.
1.Nomadic herding-Kurds, Bedouins
2. Collective farming-kibbutz
3. raising livestock
4. growing crops and fruits
5. substitence and commercial farming.