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How much height and weight do kids add each yr btw the ages of 6 and 12?
-2 to 3 inches
-5 lbs
What key physical developments occur during middle childhood?
-inc muscle strength
-small muscle control improves
-CNS maturation
-growth of facial bones to accomodate the new teeth
What physcosocial behaviors are occuring?
-exploring ones body, as well as that of others and even sometimes animals
What sex differences are there btw boys and girls at this age?
-girls superior in handwriting, drawing, acitivities involving agility and balance
-physical superiority of boys is mostly due to social factors
What are the major cognitive developments in middle childhood?
-inc in thinking
-better able to control distraction
-improved attention
-better memory and learning memorization strategies
-better able to monitor thier own progress toward a goal
What is the theory of the mind?
That people can form beliefs about others but such beliefs can be wrong
How many words to children learn each day?
What is self concept?
-the ability to describe ones personality, strengths and weaknesses
-should develop in middle childhood
What are the 4 broad self evals that kids this age should have developed?
1. academic competence
2. social competence
3. physical competence
4. athletic competence
What are the 4 main influences on self esteem?
1. culture
2. gender
3. child rearing
4. attributions
What governs pride and guilt at this stage?
a sense of personal responsibility
What principles of emotional understanding are developed?
-can express internal feelings like happy or sad
-rise in empathy
-can control distress when nothing can be done to change an unfavorable outcome
What is distributive justice? What are the 3 stages kids go thru at this age?
-defn= how to divide material goods fairly
1. strict equality (5-6)
2. merit (6-7)
3. equity and benevolence (8)
What gender typing can occur in middle childhood?
-boys are given more independence by parents
-girls should like reading, spelling, music and art
-boys should like math and sports
What characteristics do only children possess?
-higher self esteem
-better academic achievment
-closer to parents
-less accepted by peers
What is their understanding of illness and death?
-begin to understand body processes a bit more fully
-death becomes real and irreversible