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Nicknamed the "Empire State"
New York
What is the population of New York?
19.5 million
What is the motto of NY?
"Always higher!" ("Excelsior")
Capital of NY?
Largest city in NY?
New York City (20 million)
What's the nickname of New York City?
The "Big Apple"
This station in New York City was the gateway for millions of immigrants into the USA?
Ellis Island
Currently, what is the tallest building in New York City?
The Empire State Building
What is the name of the most famous intersection in Manhattan?
Times Square
What is the name of the 800+ acre area of green space in New York City?
Central Park
Who is the Governor of NY?
David Paterson (D)
What is the most important river in NY? (It connects Albany to NYC.)
Hudson River
What separates New York from Vermont?
Lake Champlain
What is the #1 tourist destination in North America?
Niagara Falls
Between which two Great Lakes is Niagara Falls located?
Lake Erie & Lake Ontario
What connects the Great Lakes to the Hudson River?
the Erie Canal
What is the name of the mountains in NY?
the Adirondacks
Which part of NY is the most "country"?
Upstate New York
Where are Queens and Brooklyn located?
on Long Island, NYC
Which European country founded what is now called New York?
the Netherlands (Holland)
Who purchased Manhattan from the Native Americans?
Peter Minuit
Which important battles of the War for Independence were fought in and around New York?
Long Island, Trenton (NY & NJ), & Saratoga
Which city was the first capital of the United States of America?
New York City
What made the people of NYC riot in 1863?
President Lincoln's draft
When was NYC attacked by terrorists using hijacked passenger planes?
September 11, 2001
What is "Broadway" famous for?
Theatre / plays
New York is known as leader in ______ & _______.
Movie-making & fashion
Where is the largest stock exchange in the USA?
Wall Street, NY
Which city is the leader in banking, finance, and communication in the USA?
New York City
What is the name of the Army's prestigious college in New York.
West Point
Which college in New York is renowned as an elite school for the arts?
What are the names of New York's two Ivy League schools?
Columbia & Cornell
How many American presidents were New Yorkers?
Six (6)
Which state is the "Keystone State"?
What is the motto of Pennsylvania?
"Virtue, Liberty, & Independence"
What is the population of Pennsylvania?
12.5 million
What is the capital of Pennsylvania?
What is the largest city in Pennsylvania?
Philadelphia (1.5 million)
Who is the Governor of Pennsylvania?
Edward G. Rendell
Where was America's first zoo?
Philadelphia, PA
Where were the Declaration of Independence & the Constitution created?
Philadelphia, PA
What is the name of the "sweet" theme park in York, PA?
Hershey Park
Which river separates PA from NJ? (Philadelphia is on this river.)
the Delaware River
Which great lake borders PA?
Lake Erie
What does the Mason-Dixon Line separates?
the "North" & the "South" (Pennsylvania & Maryland)
What feature separates eastern PA from western PA?
the Appalachian Mtns.
Who founded PA?
William Penn
Which city is the historic center of the US steel industry?
Pittsburgh, PA
What is the name of the largest chocolate company headquartered in PA?
Hershey Co.
What is the name of the large condiment company headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA?
H.J. Heinz Co.
What is the name of the Ivy League school in Pennsylvania?
UPenn (University of Pennsylvania)
What is the largest college in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania?
Penn State
Who is the only President of the USA from Pennsylvania?
James Buchanan (15)
What is the nickname of New Jersey?
the "Garden State"
What is the population of NJ?
8.7 million
What are the official colors of NJ?
"Buff" and "Jersey Blue"
What is the motto of NJ?
"Liberty & Prosperity"
What is the largest city in NJ?
What is the capital city of NJ?
Who is the Governor of NJ?
Chris Cristie
What divides NJ from NY?
the Hudson River
What divides NJ from PA?
the Delaware River
What is the name of the toll road that cuts across NJ?
the New Jersey Turnpike
This wooded, southern area of New Jersey is rumored to be the home of the "Jersey Devil". Yeah right!
the Pine Barrens
Where did the huge German airship, Hindenburg, crash in 1937?
New Jersey
Which state has the highest per capita income? Which has the second highest?
Maryland (1st) New Jersey (2nd)
New Jersey is a leader in the production of...
Pharmaceuticals (Farm-uh-sue-ti-culz)
What major medical / pharmaceutical company is headquartered in NJ?
Johnson & Johnson
This ocean-side town is famous for its hotels, boardwalks, and casinos.
Atlantic City, New Jersey
Which two states are known as the "border states"?
Delaware & Maryland
What is the nickname of Delaware?
the "First State"
What is the motto of Delaware?
"Liberty & Independence"
What is the population of Delaware?
What is the largest city in Delaware?
What is the capital city of Delaware?
Who is the current Governor of DE?
Jack A. Markell
How many counties comprise the state of Delaware?
Three (3): New Castle, Kent, & Sussex
What separates Delaware from New Jersey?
the Delaware River & the Delaware Bay
What were the soldiers from Delaware nicknamed during the War for Independence?
the "Blue Hens"
From which European country did the original settlers of Delaware come?
What kind of homes did the Swedish settlers introduce to America?
Log cabins
Which state is the nation's premier tax haven.
What is the name of the large international chemical company (2nd largest in the world) located in Delaware?
What is the nickname of Maryland?
the "Old Line State"
What is the population of Maryland?
5.6 million
Which type of seafood is Maryland most famous for?
Crab (Maryland blue crab)
What is the state motto of Maryland?
"Many deeds, womanly words" ("Fatti maschi, parole femine")
Who is the Governor of Maryland?
Martin O'Malley
What is the capital city of Maryland?
What is the largest city in Maryland?
What separates Maryland from Virginia?
the Potomac River
Who founded Maryland?
Cecil Calvert
Originally, Maryland was established as a safe-haven for which religious group?
Where did the Batlimoreans defeat a British naval fleet during the War of 1812? (This inspired the "Star Spangled Banner")
Fort McHenry
Where do many people in eastern Maryland work?
Washington, D.C.
What is the name of the large military aircraft company located in Bethesda, Maryland?
Lockheed Martin
Maryland is famous for spices like Old Bay seasoning. What is the name of the large spice company in Baltimore that makes this and many other spices?
McCormick & Company
This high-end guitar company brings millions of $$$ into Maryland's economy.
Paul Reed Smith (PRS) Guitars
This Maryland-based athletic company makes equipment for almost all of America's greatest atheletes while also producing jobs and industry in Baltimore.
Under Armour
What is the name of the old sugar company in Baltimore, MD?
Domino Sugar