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Middle Ages
midieval period, European era
Germanic People
church built religious communities
charles martel
mayor of Palace
carolignian dynasty
reign of frankish rulers
franks 1st christian king
pepin the short
"king by the grace of god"
siezed control
treaty of verdun
ended civil war 843
how did life change in the former Roman empire during the middle ages?
loss of common language, decline of learning
How did christianity come to the frankish kingdom?
missionaries spread it, and politics
How did the churches secular influence expand while gregory the great was pope?
pope's palace= center of roman govt.
What was important about Charles martel's victory at Battle of the Tours?
stopped muslim invasion
what was the importance of Charlemagne's coronation?

how did charlemagne govern his unified kingdom?
first time pope coronated king

limited authority of nables, sent out royal agents, judged cases, settled disputes
land owner
land granted by lord
recieves fief
mounted warrior
can't lawfully leave birth place
lord's estate
tax paid to priests
explain mutual obligations of the feudal system
-serfs pay taxes/laybor/loyalty to knights, nobles, bishops
-nobles,etc.loyalty taxes to king - king- offers protection
explain why the feudal system often resulted in complicated alliances
same noble might be vassel to different lords
describe feudal classes
king/ nobles, bishops, knights / serfs, peasents
how did the manor work as an economic system?
everything was on manor..status
what was life like for a serf?
-worked hard, long hours
-crammed,small house
-simple diet
(code of) set of ideals for knights
mounted warrior
mock battle
poet/musician, at castle and court
what were the knights obligations according to the code of chivalry?
must be brave
defend 3 masters
protect poor and weak
describe role of women
loved and served by men, had no poor, served family and did house work
church officials
important religious ceremonies
canon law
law of the church
lay investure
kings and nobles appoint church officials
banned from church
cordat of worms
agreement made by henry and gregory's successors
how was the church's organization similar to the feudal system?
own organization, had ranks
how did the church unify people and provide comfort?
-common beliefs, church community
What punishments for those who didn't obey canon law?
Why did the church resent lay investure? describe controvery.
-thought bishops shouldn't be under king's control
-henry iv wrote mean letter to pope, pope exocomunicated him
what was compromise outlined by cordat of worms?
-church could appoint, king could veto
urban II
pope, called for crusade
muslim leader
holy war
effort to drive muslims out of spain
tribunal held by church to suppress heresy
richard the lion hearted
joined crusade
what were the most important effects of crusade? what did they gain?
weakened feudal nobility and pope, knights died

gained trade
what were motivations to join crusade?
town dwellers
describe agricultural advances during the middle ages.
-3 field system
-horse power
how was learning revived? what role did crusades play?
growing trade,cities= learning,
crusade= contact w/ muslims
how did development of trade and towns affect feudal balance of power?
left life for towns-challenged feudal system
william the conquerer
invader, duke of normandy
magna carta
document, garunteed certain political rights
king john
approved magna carta
contrast england and france
england- william invades, henry ii introduces jury, magna carta, model parlament
france: philip ii increase territory, luix ix-central. govt
joan of arc
peasent girl, felt god wanted her to save france
in france, french peasent move there