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Last years of Henry VIII typified by faction rivalry
Death of Henry VIII and accession of Edward VI
1547 (January)
Edward Seymour created Duke of Somerset and Lord Protector
1547 (February)
Rebellions in East Anglia (Kett) and the West Country (Western)
Fall of Somerset
1549 (October)
Emergence of John Dudley, Duke of Northumberland, as the most powerful man in England
Execution of the Duke of Somerset
1552 (January)
Northumberland's son, Guildford, married Lady Jane Grey
1553 (May)
Edward VI changed line of succession
1553 (June)
Death of Edward VI, brief reign of Lady Jane Grey, and succession of Mary I
1553 (July)
Execution of the Duke of Northumberland
1553 (August)
Wyatt Rebellion
1554 (January)
Execution of Lady Jane Grey
1554 (February)
Marriage of Mary I and Philip of Spain
1554 (July)
Death of Mary I
1558 (January)