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Who was Alexander the Greats General in Egypt
Who was Alexander the Greats General in Syria
When did Antiochus IV go to Jeruselem
167 BCE
What did Antiochus IV do to piss off the jews
He did many things, but the biggest thing was putting up a pagan idol in the great temmple
What does Hasidim means
the pious ones
When did Herod the Great rule
37-4 BCE
What was the Province of Syria named
Legate Qurrianius
who was Josephus
a Jewish general
who was Vespasian
a Roman field general
where did Christians and some Pharisees flee Jerusalem and go to
what is the Torah (covenant/agreement)
First 5 books in the bible
what is Apocalyptic Literature
unveiling the end of time
what is Pseudepigrapha
means false writings
what is an example of Eschatological Figures
What does Eschatological mean
End of time
in the end of time, the final battle what will the Leader be
A New King Like David
A Prophet
A Leader in War
The final Judge
Who were the Sadducees and what were 3 facts about them
- from Zadok
- Members were the priestly and the upper class
- Their outlook was conservative
- Attitude towards the law – written law
- No belief of angles and demons
What were 3 facts about the Pharisees
- means “separatists”
- Separating from later Maccabees
- Members were the Lay or non-religious
- They had a liberal outlook
- Attitude towards the law – written and oral
- Believed in angels, demons, resurrection
Who are the "Essenes"
– “the pure ones”
- Members were Priestly & Lay
- Their outlook was Eschatological
- Attitude towards the law – written and oral
- They were repentant and ready for the end of time
What are the two key things about the Baptist Movements
- Members were mostly male
- Their outlook was cleansing/new era
- obviously preformed baptisms