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Tinea cruis is found...
on the groin(ringworm)
The small pox vaccine uses the ______ virus.
Transmission of tineas include...
human to human
animal to human
soil to human
fomites to human
The use of aspirin in children with chickenpox increases the risk for_____
Reyes syndrome
Transmission of the pathogen of leismaniasis is by the...
phlebotomine(sand) fly
River blindness is...
a disease in which worms can invade the eye
List 4 viruses that belong to the Herpesviridae;
varicella zoster virus
herpes simplex
Epstein -Barr
Smallpox is a disease in which...
fever, prostration, rash and possible toxemia and shock occur
List 4 characteristics of Monkeypox. pocks fever and swollen lymphnodes
2. periodic outbreaks have occurred in Africa
3. transmission is typically by contact with monkeys, squirrels and rats
4. the virus has shown a trend in becoming less virulent, with fewer outbreaks in humans
List 4 characteristics of herpes simplex 1.
1. causes gingivostomatitis
2. causes cold sores and herpes keratitis
3. transmitted by mucus contact with lesions
4. causes hepatic whitlow in health care workers
List 3 antivirals used for treatment of HSV-1 and HSV-2.
1. valacyclovir
2. acyclovir
3. famcyclovir

List 4 characteristics of Chickenpox.
1. is transmitted by inhalation of respiratory secretions
2. is transmitted by skin lesion
3.has an incubation of 10-20 days
4. has fever, and vesicular rash that occurs in successive crops
_______ is a chronic progressive disease of the skin and nerves caused by Mycobacterium leprae.
Hansen's disease
Varicella - zoster virus...
uses the respiratory epithelium as its portal entry
becomes latent in dorsal root ganglia that serve specific dermatomes
has humans as its reservoir
causes chicken-pox and shingles
If a person who has never been infected with the varicella zoster virus comes in contact with a person who has shingles, they will come down with chickenpox. TRUE/FALSE
Human herpes virus 6(HH-V6)...
replicates in T lymphocytes, macrophages, and salivary gland tissue
appears as a mononucleosis like illness in adults
causes kaposi's sarcoma
transmitted by saliva and certain organ transplants
All staphylococci can be differentiated from all streptococci because only staphylococci produce the enzyme______ that is easily detected in the lab.
Fifth disease
is a chilhood febrile disease with a bright red rash on the cheeks
Reyes syndrome involves...
1. aspirin use
2. a febrile disease illness such as influenza or chickenpox
3. fatty degeneration of liver brain or kidney
4. children, adolescents and young adults.
Oral lesions called Koplick spots are seen in patients with...
This febrile disease with a rash has a pathogen that can cross the placenta and cause serious...
List 3 characteristics about the MMR immunization.
1. contains attenuated virus
2. is given in early childhood
3. protects against 3 different viral diseases.
List 4 characteristics that pertain to measles.
1.Humans are the only reservoir for the pathogen
2. secondary bacterial otitis media and sinusitis occur
3.. involves a fatal complication called subacute sclerosing panencephalitis(SSPE)
4. dry cough, sore throat, fever, conjunctivitis are symptoms
Place the following in the appropriate order;
Strateum corneum
stratum basale
basement membrane
subcutaneous layer
1. Stratum corneum
2. Stratum basale
3. Basement membrane
4. Dermis
5. Subcutaneous layer
nerve endings are found in the...
Blisters are...
result from a separation of epidermis and dermis
Rubella is...
associated with congenital transmission causing miscarriage, deafness and cardiac and mental defects
The most serious teratogenic effects of intrauterine rubella infection occur if it is acquired during the third trimester. TRUE/FALSE
Molluscum contagiosum is transmitted by direct contact with skin lesions, fomites and sexual activity. TRUE/FALSE
Varicella and herpes zoster are caused by the same virus. TRUE/FALSE
Herpesvirus are double stranded, nonenveloped, DNA viruses. TRUE/FALSE
Trichophyton species infect hair, skin and nails, whereas Microsporum species infect hair and skin but not nails. TRUE/FALSE
Proprionibacterium acnes is normal flora of sebaceous glands of the skin. TRUE/FALSE
Impetigo involves itching papules that break and form a very contagious yellow crust. TRUE/FALSE