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It displays the name of the document and the name of the program(application). example - document 1 -Microsoft Word.
Title Bar
It displays the names of the main menus. They are file, edit, view, format, tools, table, window, help. Main menus can contain arrows which open submenus.
Menu Bar
It displays buttons for accessing commonly used commands such as saving, opening and printing a file.
Standard Toolbar
It displays buttons for accessing common features and commands such as bold, italic and centering.
Formatting Toolbar
It measures the width of the document and displays information such s margins, tab stops and indents.
Horizontal Ruler
It measures the height of the document page and is only displayed in print layout view.
Vertical Ruler
It displays the name of the element (icon) on which the mouse pointer is resting or pointing.
Screen Tip
A blinking vertical line that displays to the right of the space where characters are inserted into the document.
Insertion Point
It is used with the mouse to shift the on-screen display up and down or left to right
Scroll Bars
The white area where you type the document.
Document Window
They are used to change the way a document is displayed. These options are also available on the view menu. They are print layout, web layout, ouline view, and normal.
View buttons
It displays information such as the currently displayed page, section, how many pages are in the document, where the insertion point is located and which mode buttons are active.
Status Bar
They are used to change the way word operates to make creating and editing documents easier. OVR is an example of one of these buttons and is actived by pressing the insert key.
Mode Buttons
It answers questions and offers suggestions about word features. It can look like a paperclip.
Office Assistant