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What is a word processing program that allows you to create and revise professional looking documents?
Microsoft Word
What's a separate window that allows to carry out some word tasks more efficiently?
Task Pane
A short on-screen note associated with the object to which you are pointing is what?
Screen tip
A ______________ consists of a variety of components to make your work more efficient and documents more professional.
Word Window
This displays text, tables, graphics, and other items as you type or insert them into a document.
Document Window
An _______________________ is a blinking vertical bar that indicates where text will be inserted as you type.
Insertion Point
A short horizontal line that indicates the end of a document, is what?
End Mark
This becomes different shapes depending no the task you are performing in Word and the pointer's location on the screen.
Mouse Pointer
A __________________ is the top edge of the document.
Horizontal Ruler
The position of this reflects the location of the portion of the document in the document window.
Scroll Box