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A blinking vertical bar that shows where text will be inserted as you type is called a(n) ________
insertion point
________ is a keyboard shortcut that positions the insertion point at the top of the document
The ________ contains clip art, photographs, sounds, and video
Clip Organizer
To turn certain keys or modes on or off, you use the ________
status indicators
The Standard toolbar contains which of the following buttons?
To insert clip art into a document in Voice Command mode, say, ________
Insert, Picture, Clip Art
A ________ lists your most recently used commands
short menu
The Formatting toolbar contains which of the following buttons?
Line Spacing
To resize a graphic you have inserted into a document, first select the graphic, then ________
drag the sizing handles
You use the ________ to indicate whether you want to speak commands or dictate text
Language bar
To enter lines into a document in Dictation mode, say, ________
New line
To save an existing document with the same file name, ________ .
in Voice Command say, "Save", on the File menu click Save,Press CTRL+S
The default font in Word is ________
Times New Roman
To minimize the risk of injury to your wrists, use the ________ to scroll if your fingers are already on the keyboard.
keyboard keys
To print a document, click the Print button on the ________ .
Standard toolbar