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3 Main techniques used in Page-Level Compression
1. row-level data compression
2. prefix compression (repeating data within columns)
3. dictionary compression (repeating patterns in page)
4 Main techniques used in Row-Level Data Compression
1. Reduce metadata used to store row
2. Store fixed length numerics as variable length
3. Store CHAR as variable length
4. Don't store NULL or 0 values
Which objects can be compressed in SQL 2008?
A. Table stored as heap
B. table stored as clustered index
C. non-clustered index
D. indexed view
E. Partitioned tables and indexes
All listed: A,B,C,D,E
Disadvantages of Backup Compression (2)
1. Increased CPU utilization
2. If already using row/page compression heavily or using TDE, wont be much benefit to backup compression
T-SQL commands for turning on backup compression
SP_CONFIGURE 'backup compression default',1
Which SQL Versions support backup compression (backup? restore?)
Only Enterprise allows compressing backups. All versions can restore a compressed backup.
Which of the following are valid values for 'format /A:#'
A: 4096
B: 8K
C: 16K
D: 65536
A, C
values 16K and over use 'K'
Which parameter is necessary for formatting a volume which will store compressed filestream objects?
A: /C
B: /c
C: /compress
D: All the above
T-SQL statement for limiting a query to using two processors
OPTION (MaxDop 2)
How do you set the Max DOP at the database instance level
EXEC sp_configure 'show advanced option', '1'
sp_configure 'max degree of parallelism', 8